The New Threat: T-Shirts

Lesbian T-Shirt

An Australian girl was asked to remove her “Nobody Knows I’m a Lesbian” T-shirt on school picture day, a shirt she had worn to school on several previous occasions. We guess the school would rather the poor girl walk around topless.

The incident triggered a protest by other Year 12 students, who turned up at school wearing T-shirts with similar slogans. They included “Nobody knows I am bulimic”, “Nobody knows I’m pregnant” and “Nobody knows I’m on steroids”. The students said they found the request to Stephanie discriminatory and an attack on free speech.

Of course, what really happened is the school just didn’t want the t-shirt to end up in the yearbook as to not offend any parents (as if any parents are going to waste their time reading a yearbook.) We’re thinking of making our own t-shirt for the censoring school administrators: “Now Everybody Knows I’m a Homophobe.”

Lesbian T-shirt School Storm [Herald Sun]

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