The New York Times Hearts Tab Hunter

The New York Times gives 50’s Hunk Tab Hunter a chance to plug his new biography. Topics: being gay and closeted in Hollywood.

The Times maintains its respectability by asking Hunter thought-provoking questions such as which famous people he’s slept with. Rock Hudson? Nope. James Dean? Just a friend. Anthony Perkins? Bingo! What no follow-up question about dressing up as Mrs. Bates?

Hunter also goes onto defend noted heterosexual Tom Cruise, saying he doesn’t buy into the rumors. But he doesn’t stop there. Though he himself at one point was a huge closeted movie star, he goes on to say he firmly believes none of the current batch of “A-list” stars are gay. Not one. I have a feeling the Hollywood Gay Mafia might disagree with that.

Hunter’s book, Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star is out next month.