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The One Where Tyra Talks About Buck Angel’s ‘Little Penis’

[flv: 650 400]

The Tyra Show‘s publicist sent out an email with the subject line “Tyra Speaks w/ a man who has a vagina” to promote today’s show. That man is Buck Angel, the FTM trans porn performer. Noticably absent from the clip Tyra is shopping around: any mention of Buck doing porn.

Buck’s story has been around awhile. So too has his (NSFW) website. But before you go raging against Warner Bros. for acting all insensitive towards a trans person, note that Buck describes himself as “the man with the pussy.”

Tyra’s studio audience got to see Buck in the nude, with his “little penis down there”; viewers at home saw the censored version. And if you’re not having your computer screen filmed by local reporters, you can see the X-rated picture too (link NSFW).

(NB: The video file Warner Bros. uploaded to its site to stream the clip is titled “051110_strangesexsurg_video.flv”.)