The Only Homosexual That People Found Sexy This Year


Ryan Ryenolds, Jake G., Bradley Cooper, R. Patts, and Beckham all made People‘s Sexiest Man Alive issue, which crowned Johnny Depp as this year’s winner (he also won in 2003). So did the magazine find any gays sexy this year?

Just one: Adam Lambert. We’re guessing Lambert’s team didn’t have as much of a problem with the singer appearing on the ostensibly hetero celeb weekly — which ropes in the lady fans — as they did with his Out cover.

But it’s pretty incredible to see People magazine, with an enormous female readership, naming a homo to the “Sexiest” list, given that the last time Lambert agreed to sleep with a member of this demographic he was grossed out. There should be a note in here about “living in a post-gay era” or something.

Meanwhile, three of Glee‘s castmembers made the list. But not the gay one.

(Worth nothing: While straight, Jerry O’Connell made the list … in a Speedo.)