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Gridskipper, Nick Denton’s urban travel blog, has announced a call for nominations for the Urbs: 2005 Urban Blogging Awards.

Most categories are getting nicely fleshed out, but the number of potential nominations is unlimited. Remember, you can nominate the same blog in several categories, and you can nominate several blogs in the same category. You can even nominate your own blog. And even if a blog you like has already been nominated, it’s worth your time to nominate that blog again – only those top blogs with the most total nominations will make it into actual voting. Nominations will be accepted until midnight EST on Wednesday, December 7.

So what are you waiting for lady? Go nominate us! Someone already has in two categories: World’s Best Gay Urban Blog and World’s Most Inane Urban Blog Post! We are most proud of that last one. And imagine all the other inane blog posts that we have written in the short months Queerty’s been in existence! You have so many to nominate!

Seriously though. When it comes to the gay category we do feel like we are a bit different from the others. Inane or not, we are definitely the gayest. And doesn’t that deserve an award?

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