The Art of coming out

This Hot YouTube Fave Came Out So Gracefully, No One Seemed To Notice

In a day and age when some antigay leaders still need to be dragged out of the closet, it’s always great to see young people doing it right.

When it comes to coming out, Joey Graceffa knows the cover of People doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Today’s cultural climate calls for something far grabbier––say, a glossy four-and-a-half minute music video complete with enchanted forests, serious swordplay, magical amulets, evil ogres, and the occasional sorceress–all culminating in a fantastically gay fairy-tale kiss with a princely cohort.

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That’s exactly what the Amazing Race alum and YouTube personality unleashed to a (relatively) unsuspecting public this week. The video’s release coincides with Graceffa’s 24th birthday and helps push his brand new memoir, In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World. The book candidly discusses his experiences being bullied as a child, dealing with an alcoholic mother, growing up with an autistic brother, and slowly coming to accept his own sexuality.

Never ones to be stingy when it comes to some well-deserved publicity, we thought we’d celebrate the occasion by compiling a handful of particularly enticing Graceffa snaps, highlighting his off-the-charts charisma and disarming handsomeness.



Beau in a bowtie.


No sleeves attached.

Four eyes, no shirt.


Just desserts.


Babe with the bathwater.


Rare candid shot.

Jail bait.


Doggy style.

Smoke and mirrors.

Telling a touseled tale.

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