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This supercute Pokétuber’s collection isn’t the only thing that’s shining

Seasoned YouTuber and shiny Pokémon hunter Dallas MacDermant (@thesupremerk9s, @Dallycatstrike) recently started his own OnlyFans page and the queer Pokémon community can’t get enough. 

And when you see some of his Instagram snaps, you’ll likely understand why…

Pokétubing veteran Dallas began posting more explicit content on his Twitter X page (@Dallycatstrike), and eventually drove queer Pokéfans beserk by making the leap to OnlyFans and Instagram.

Prior to all that, Dallas has been a Pokétubing veteran and has made shiny hunting videos since 2010, and even publicly came out on the platform in 2017.

His early content involved soft-resetting and PokéRadar encounters which lead to shiny Pokémon; special, one-in-one-thousand variants of the Pocket Monsters (give or take, depending on the game).

As the Pokémon series continued, so did Dallas’s content, which evolved as his YouTube channel gained more traction. He started hunting across different Pokémon games in the franchise with multiple game systems, and he used different methods such as Safari Zone Encounters and Horde Encounters.

Dallas soon began picking specific themes which each of his Shiny Hunts, such as a Halloween theme with shiny Pumpkaboo and a Christmas theme with shiny Sneasel. 

These dress-up shiny hunts became a staple of his content, with the gaymer genderbending and experimenting with even more costumes, such as Elsa for shiny Articuno, or a “Saw” themed mask for shiny Type: Null.

While on the platform, Dallas even met his current boyfriend (@JimmyWhetzel), and the two have been publicly dating for over three years.

Jimmy also makes similar content, including Pokémon videos, and he plays various Nintendo games on his twitch channel of the same name.

Dallas cemented himself as a Pokétuber with his fun and original content. And though he likes showing off his assets, the handsome gaymer often jokes that he’s “still a top” despite posting mostly pictures of his peach.

The genderbending also continues with him showing off different costumes, including a picture of him recently playing in a skirt.

Whether the front or the back, the gaymers can’t get enough of Dallas.

Scroll down for some more of our favorite pictures of Dallas from his social media pages…