Tom Daley’s training buddy, Ronnie Woo’s donut hole, & Billy Porter’s voting glow

This week Kamala Harris smashed Mike Pence in the one and only vice presidential debate, Chris Evans showed off his hidden tattoos, and Matt Bomer, Robin de Jesus and Tuc Watkins talked The Boys in the Band with our very own David Reddish. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Bruno Alcantara hit the gym.

Indar Isaiah Smith got some sun.

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Some gems I found! Shot by @julhorne ?

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Billy Porter showed some skin.

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Hey y’all??…. I may be naked in this photo but we must not get caught voting naked this election! DON’T VOTE NAKED PENNSYLVANIA! A new state Supreme Court decision ordered election officials to throw out “NAKED BALLOTS." Let’s not be caught with our pants down. Be sure to put your absentee ballot inside the secrecy envelope and then inside the mailing envelope. Sign the mailing envelope, seal and deliver. Track your ballot. If it was not accepted, make a backup plan to vote early in person. We have options and we must utilize them to make sure our voices our heard this election. Let’s do this Pennsylvania! I’m challenging you all to JOIN ME and post your naked photo to support the movement. Tag me and I may repost your photo in my stories! Let’s be tasteful….. OK? ? I’ll be waiting to see all of the beautiful photos of my Hunnies reminding our fellow Americans to vote and make it count! Leave a comment below to let me know you’re ALL IN FOR VOTING this election! Now WERK! ??????? #DontVoteNakedPA #AllinforVoting – – – – #Vote #BillyPorter #YourVoiceMatters #Vote2020 #RegisterToVote #Mail #Werk #Pose #StrikeAPose #Naked #DontVoteNaked #PA #PennState #Pennsylvania #PayAttention #LGBTQ #WakeUp #FlashbackFriday #FBF

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Jonathan Van Ness gave himself a blow out.

Ronnie Woo ate a donut.

Seth Falk became art.

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Living art ?

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Milk struck a pose.

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how’s ur head? ? – shot by @marcusmorris

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Tom Daley and Matty Lee reunited.

Doug Locke had a drink.

Willie Gomez popped a squat.

Keegan Whicker served desert kitty.

Wilson Cruz stayed in bed.

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Swipe Left! Grateful to @daman_magazine and photographers @ianphillipsartist and @mitchellmccormack for this piece, on stands now… I’ll leave you with the end of the interview… DAMAN: ‘And lastly, any words of encouragement you want to share with us? WC: “I know how difficult these times are for the entire world… the ways our lives have been turned upside down, the loved ones we’ve lost. In my time in isolation, I’ve wondered what lessons are to be learned from this moment. I think, in the end, this pandemic is yet another reminder of just how connected we all are. If we can come out of this understanding in a very real and tangible way, how each of our actions directly effect the people and the world around us, I think we will have gained something. If we can learn to care for each other and love each other through this, we’ll better understand that the ways we separate from each other are imagined. The truth, as we can now clearly see, is that the only way we’ll survive this is if we see ourselves in each other enough to save our own souls. In my heart of hearts I have to believe we will….”

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Jimmie Fowlie took a friend hiking.

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please don’t abandon me for my step son

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Taylor Bennett got comfortable on the ground.

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New Music @ Midnight #BeYourself #LinkInBio

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Christian Chávez got wet.

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Wet &wild ?

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Jake Picking bathed in the park.

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??? ?

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Telly Leung worked out at home.

Cheyenne Parker used a leaf.

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Grab your masks and pack up your best foliage ??? Puerto Rico is open! Get a chance to win a 4-night stay for ?? at Coqui Del Mar guesthouse ?5?? days left! I took this picture there during my stay and we had such a great experience in this cute, queer, clothing-optional, 420 friendly guesthouse in the Caribbean! ?? All you need to do: 1?? Follow @coquidelmarguesthouse 2?? Follow @winterpridefest 3?? Tag a friend who you want to go with in the comments below. Increase your chances by doing it a few times! ? ? Winterpridefest is the largest winter pride in the Caribbean. This year will be virtual on December 11, 2020. ? You will receive a 4-night stay at @coquidelmarguesthouse, a $300 airfare credit, a Kayak trip for 2, and a guided rainforest trip. ? We'll choose from comments; make sure to tag a real friend. You must follow @coquidelmarguesthouse & @winterpridefest to win ? The deadline for entry is 10/9, and the winner will be announced 10/10 on @coquidelmarguesthouse! Good luck ?? This contest isn't sponsored by Instagram or other brands. ?: @thetravelinbum

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Maluma got a new tattoo.

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John Duff had a pool party.

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8 MONTHS SOBER! I can’t believe how dramatically my life has changed in the past year – but I think we can all resonate with that, sober or not. Ironically, Step 1 of AA is about powerlessness. 2020 has, undoubtedly, been an intense exercise in powerlessness on planet Earth (my current habitat). BREAKING NEWS: we don’t have control! For me, I find peace in that lack of control. It makes things easier. Expectations, forgiveness – I KNOW that I’m doing the best i can, the outcome is out of my control. I simply live. If I misstep, it’s ok – I have no control over the past, but I’m still here. I have a chance to do better. I have faith. Faith in something grand. I believe in God. I don’t know what that looks like. I don’t think it’s some man in the sky, or Alanis Morissette. I think it’s everything, everyone, and more. I think it’s the best parts of every religion, science, math, history. I don’t think this entity watches every little thing I do, and I certainly don’t think it hates me. Quite the opposite. I’m a part of it. Life is hard – but it always has been. I don’t get to blame my reactivity on my humanity. Humanity that we all share. There is no life without hardships, trauma, corruption, and war (as far as recorded history shows) – but there always has been a morning after. (We are RESILIENT! BRILLIANT! Fan mail from 27 million) If you’re going through hell, keep on going. Don’t slow down – you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there. Yes, those are Rodney Adkins lyrics – but he’s right. I am so happy to be eight months sober. If you’re contemplating your own sobriety – this is your sign to get/stay sober. If you’re not an alcoholic/addict I am so jealous of you because honestly I would love to buy some coke and black out rn – tough times. Love to all! ??? keep the faith.

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Kit Williamson posed with the ocean.

Pietro Boselli admired his work.

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Bruno Duarte covered up.

Dexter Mayfield broke it down.

Angel Bismark Curiel took a bite.

And Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman looked back on the past.

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I Used To Think I Was Fat. I didn’t just think it, it was one of few things in life I felt I knew to be absolutely true. I remember so vividly the day these polaroids were taken. I was 25 years old living in NYC, on the rooftop of my agency @NextModels I stripped down to my underwear while an assistant took digitals to send to different clients & agencies all over the world, selling my body, selling me. I dreaded this mandatory bi-monthly ritual & would starve myself for days leading up & feverishly performed pushups before we began shooting using up whatever strength I had left after days of self depravation. My journey w disordered eating began a decade earlier at 15 years old & took complete control of my life for the next 15 years. Now, at 35 years old w therapy, support from friends & organizations like @projectheal + @whywerise I’ve mostly healed the deep wounds of self loathing & dysmorphia & have learned to love all of myself. I hope that more young men who suffer in silence will find the courage within themselves to address & heal their own wounds. I look at these photos now & think how absurd it was to see anything other than a blessed & radiant young man who is worth so much more than how many abs or ribs I could count on my torso. Through this pandemic my body has changed. I’ve moved less than I have in years and like so many, have gained some weight due to the state of inertia. But now, 10 years after these pics were taken I can look at my naked body in the mirror, see the dimples of cellulite collecting on my thighs, a belly that didn’t use to be there and cheeks fuller than they’ve ever been and still truly love myself. All of me. I Celebrate Myself. And if I can leave you all with one thing it’s this…Celebrate Yourself & Love Each Other. I’m JBC & I Love You ???

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