TR Knight, Others Walk All Over AIDS

Thousands of conscientious citizens and celebrities – they’re not really citizens – meandered through sunny Los Angeles yesterday for the 23rd Annual AIDS Walk. Actor TR Knight and a slew of equally famous friends – Ana Ortiz, Wilson Cruz, Jai Rodriguez, Deidre Hall (!) – helped raise $3,905,723. No small feet!

The battle rages on, of course. Said Knight:

Even though we read a lot that things are changing in this fight against AIDS, it’s so easy to get lulled into a false sense of security – especially the younger people who are just exploring their sexuality. Whether you’re gay like me or straight or anywhere in between, I think we need to continue to teach each other and talk to each other especially if our parents or our schools don’t do an adequate job. I think that’s the way to fight it.

Knight’s got so much sole. (God we kill us!)

We’ve put some pictures after the jump and AIDS Walk posted some, too.