Trans Men Bring Their Parents To Pride, Inspire Touching Moment

20140603-oall-411-ep-guide-949x534The Oprah Winfrey Network documents just how far the parents of two transgender men have come in this week’s episode of Our America.

Three years after investigating the lives and transitions of trans men Ty and Landon, host Lisa Ling caught up with them while attending San Francisco’s Pride parade with their parents. Ty and Landon seem to be doing great, and their parents seem to be doing even better.

At the beginning of the segment below, Ty recalls the first time he attended a gay pride parade. “Maybe one day my family will come to this,” he said.

In the update episode that aired this week, Ty got all he wished for and so much more. His mother, Kim, sat down to tell him she’s found inspiration in his transition:

“You’ve always known who you are and who you wanted to be. And just in the last three years, the man that you have become, that’s why I’ve quit my job and gone back to school. You have inspired me so much.”

Check out a clip from Our America below, and head over to Oprah.com for more info on the episode.