Trans Women Across The Country Victimized By South Florida Quack “The Duchess”

oneal-ron-morrisBack in November, we brought you the story of Oneal Ron Morris (right), an unlicensed doctor arrested for giving trans women back-alley surgical procedures.

“The Duchess,” as Morris, 30, was known, would inject her clients with a mixture of cement, mineral oil and tire sealant to give them shapelier hips and thighs.

Morris’ operation was based out of her home base in South Florida, but it now seems she had victims from as far away as Indiana. While at least 20 women have come forward, the full number of people Morris operated on isn’t known.

Rajee Narinesingh, a victim from Hollywood, FL, spoke with  the Miami Herald:

“[She] made me into a monster,” she said of her 2005 facial procedure from Morris. “There was a sisterhood of trust. She was part of the transgender community herself… There was a feeling that she won’t do anything bad, she knows what she is doing.”

That feeling was amplified by the facRajee-Narinesinght that Morris injected herself with the toxic mixture, as well.

Narinesingh (left) told CBS4 in Miami that the need to “match your outside with your inside becomes so dire that you’re willing to roll the dice and take your chances.”

While no deaths from the procedures have been reported, many patients reported terrible injuries and side effects. Shaquanda Brown, who had to be hospitalized for more than a month, told the Herald about her experience at the house of Corey Eubanks, Morris’ accomplice:

Morris told Brown to relax. “This is my profession, don’t worry,’’ she allegedly told the victims, according to the arrest affidavit.The victim saw a tube of Super Glue and a red soft pack lunch bag. Out of the top of the bag was a black hose. She also saw a syringe.

Morris told her not to look, so she just laid down. The injections were so painful she asked Morris to stop before she received all of them, promising to pay the full price anyway. After each injection, the victim said she saw Morris take a piece of gauze and squeeze Super Glue on it. She then glued it to the injection site.

Within hours, she became very sick. She ended up at a hospital in Tampa, where doctors eventually diagnosed her with multiple abscesses and a staph infection. She underwent several surgeries, including blood transfusions and was hospitalized for over a month. The doctors took samples that showed the substance injected into her backside mirrored the ingredients in a Pennzoil tire-repair product called “Fix-a-Flat.’’

Sadly Morris isn’t the only butcher to prey on trans women desperate enough to seek out black-market procedures. On the flip side, though, studies show that not being able to transition can have devastating consequences.

So what’s the solution?

Source: Miami Herald via The Advocate