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Travolta’s Whispered Sexuality

John Travolta recently garnered a Golden Globe for his Hairspray performance. And, as happens, a number of the actor’s friends decided to throw him a little bash, where Travolta made friends with his Broadway alter ego:

One highlight was when Travolta met Max Crumm, the young actor starring in Grease in the role Travolta made famous in film.

According to a spy, Crumm “planted himself right next to Mama Turnblad and was there through the end of the night.”

Quipped another guest: “Well, guess we know what John is doing later tonight.”

Corrupting a young up-and-coming actor, perhaps?

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  • Tim in SF

    Well, that’s exactly how I would use *my* celebrity, had I any…

  • 24play

    Shit! They handed out the Golden Globes already—and only Belonsky was there to see it!

  • todd

    Will Smith is being recruited by Tom Cruise – why can’t Travolta see some action?

  • Alan down in Florida

    While I have a close friend who was a chorus boy on Broadway at the same time Travolta was who says you never heard a word about John’s sexuality, the fact that he’s a scientologist – scientolgy recently being describe as a dating service for closeted gay celebrities – makes me give credence to the rumors. As for Will Smith – for an action hero he is married to a woman who is butcher than he is. And his protestations about the same-sex kiss in Six Degrees Of Separation makes me wonder if the lady doth protesteth too much.

  • Gregg

    The only bad thing in Hairspray was Travolta’s performance. Those silly Golden Globes.

  • commeca

    Nope. Hauslaib musta been there, too, or he’d have nailed that little “nomination” up where it belongs. Makes you wonder if the writers read the comments, don’t it.

  • Jaroslaw

    My gaydar is pretty good and I always felt Travolta was Gay. And obviously, being married to a woman or dating women is no guarantee someone is straight – Richard Chamberlain, Larry Craig, Merv Griffin, Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter…..

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