Trolling Tuesdays: The Scariest One of All

Trolling Tuesdays dedicates itself to finding, exposing and dissecting the internet’s most perplexing, confusing and downright bizarre sexverts.

While we’ve been astounded by panty lovers, cum freezers and cutler fuckers, we’ve managed to find some words to describe nearly all of our “unnatural” selections.

Today’s entry and NSFW pictures, however, leaves us almost completely speechless.

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Title: freedom of speech? – m4w – 40
Location: Atlanta
Section: Casual encounters
Source: here

i just received the following message from some do-gooder poo pusher:

“how about a federal investigation into your hate filled threat that fags should die, be hung, and “apparently” burn in hell just for expressing an interest in you…every e-mail comes with a unique identifier code that would allow the FBI to track your hate mail through your ISP right to your computer….have fun bud.”

it’s ashame he took it so serious, no need to get his panties in a wad. like i said, it’s all about respecting other people’s wishes. if an ad says m4w, it does not mean you have hidden homosexual desires…………….

Sheesh, who knew craigslist could be so rigid?

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