Twice-subpoenaed Trump documentarian spills the tea on Ivanka’s “very weird persona” off-camera

Trump documentarian Alex Holder, the twice-subpoenaed director of the “Unprecedented” doc that premiered on Discovery+ in July, appeared on The Bulwark Podcast this week to share more about his personal observations of the former first family.

Speaking to host Tim Miller, Holder explained how Don Jr. and Ivanka’s top concern is to protect their family’s brand and hang onto their status as American political royalty no matter what the cost, even if it means allegedly plotting an insurrection.

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“They absolutely are obsessed with the power and the influence that you have when you’re in the White House,” Holder said, adding that maintaining their father’s political relevance is their #1 priority.

“They just care about doing whatever they can to ensure that their father remains in power,” he explained. “And that Trump is not associated with defeat. They can’t accept anything else.”

Holder also said that the person Ivanka presents as in public versus who she is in real life is totally different.

“Ivanka does have a persona off-camera which is pretty interesting, and I haven’t actually discussed that, to be honest.” he said. “Let’s just say there are quite similar attributes between the way Don Jr. is on-camera and the way Ivanka is off-camera.”

He added, “Ivanka and her father have this similarity in that they put on this very weird persona when they go on camera, and they actually do the same thing.”

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“They both complain about how it’s hot in the room and they wish the air conditioning was on, and then they do this weird contortion with their face and essentially try and change character to be this type of person they think people want to see. And Ivanka can do this for so long that it’s essentially become who she is.”

Last week, Holder held a Reddit AMA in which he shared his personal observations of Eric Trump, who he said is terrified of Don Jr.

“Eric seemed to be pretty scared of his older brother,” Holder revealed when asked about the “smaller moments” between members of the family that surprised him most. When someone questioned why he thought this might be, Holder responded: “Have you seen Don Jr???”

Listen to Holder’s full interview on The Bulwark Podcast below.

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