Tyson Beckford’s loaded gun, Rodiney Santiago’s endless vacation, & Johnny Weir’s smelly pits

This week, Colton Haynes finally revealed who he’s been dating, Ryan Murphy unveiled the hideous Trump-ed up theme of American Horror Story season seven, and the Out writer who profiled Milo Yiannopoulos in September “came out” as conservative—surprise! Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Singer Austin Holmes pondered life.

Australian rugby star Beau Ryan ran a mile in his undies.

Cristiano Ronaldo launched a new line of underwear.

It's all about the detail! My new @cr7underwear collection and campaign launches TODAY!

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

Moonlight star Ashton Sanders hit the beach for Dazed.

@dazed Shot by @seanandseng Styled by @robbiespencer

A post shared by Ashton Durrand Sanders (@ashtondsanders) on

Wilson Cruz stayed in on Friday.

Darren Criss found Bill Clinton!

Blake Skjellerup wrapped his legs around another man’s neck.

Sunday's times two!

A post shared by Blake Skjellerup (@blakeskjellerup) on

YouTuber Jack Merridew dubbed himself “King of the Twinks.”

Trey Songz woke up like this.

Woke up like this… nah I washed my face and brush my teefs first. Good day to you from me.

A post shared by treysongz (@treysongz) on

Chef Ronnie Woo shared his pizza.

Starting the week off right. ? #Monday #queso #pizza

A post shared by Ronnie Woo (@ronniecwoo) on

Derrick Gordon regretted coming out. :/

Jordan Calloway made his Riverdale debut.

Behind the scenes of @thecwriverdale episode tonight. Time to meet Chuck Clayton

A post shared by Jordan Calloway (@j_calloway6) on

Laith Ashley sat in the shade.

Tyson Beckford was packing heat.

Making of a Monster! #beard #beardgang #teamtyson #tysonbeckford #2a

A post shared by Tyson C.Beckford Aka ? (@tysoncbeckford) on

Rodiney Santiago’s Caribbean vacation entered week 12. Must be nice!

Do I love myself? I do! When we don't love ourselves, we are literally pushing things away from us, because the frequency of the Universe is all love. The intelligence that is our Universe has only unconditional love for you, because you are You! To be in harmony with all the good and all the love, it is time to love You. When you love yourself, there is nothing anyone can say or do to phase you. You don't need to have the perfect body to wear the clothes that you want, you don't need to be a great dancer but happy…. But Rodiney… I don't like the away I look now!! SO CHANGE IT!! You have the power! Do it for you! Don't worry about the opinion of others, do whatever you want and most importantly just BE YOURSELF, you are beautiful ?? Enjoy life and smile, FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK #rodineymotivation #tbt #beyourself #behappy #loveyourself #youcanchamgeit #youhavethepower

A post shared by Rodiney Santiago (@rodineysantiago) on

Gymnast Max Whitlock‘s new weekly workout focused on ABS.


A post shared by Max Whitlock (@maxwhitlock) on

Justin Timberlake fertilized the bushes.

@hollywoodreporter Link up top. ?: @millermobley

A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Lockhart Brownlie served bedroom eyes.

B E D R O O M E Y E S ?: @taylorjjames

A post shared by Locky Brownlie (@lockybrownlie) on

Liam Payne got some pointers from Drake.

@champagnepapi great to see a genius at work last night ?

A post shared by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

Andy Mientus took off his pants.

?: @lukefontana

A post shared by @andymientus on

Noah Galvin shot a gun!

Here's @noahegalvin shooting a shotgun for the first time aka the best video I've ever posted.

A post shared by Matt Shively (@mattshively) on

Amini Fonua went snorkeling.

Gesticulation Nation ?? #latergram

A post shared by Amini Fonua (@aminifonua) on

Power Rangers star William Shewfelt cashed us ousside.

Cash me ousside–howbow dah ??

A post shared by William Shewfelt (@williamshewfelt) on

Twenty One Pilots dropped trou at the Grammys.

Lenny Kravitz soaked.

Happy Valentine's Day.

A post shared by Lenny Kravitz (@lennykravitz) on

Aussie CrossFitter Khan Porter cooled himself with cryotherapy.

Jason Derulo took out a new lease on life.

New Lease on Life

A post shared by Jason (@jasonderulo) on

And Johnny Weir smelled his armpits.

Goodnight. ? [email protected]

A post shared by •JOHNNY WEIR• (@johnnygweir) on

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    • DCguy

      Is it me or does he sound even more vapid than when he was on that train wreck of a reality show?!

  • MikeE

    So does no one on Instagram own a shirt?


    I love guys with abs and am so jealous of guys with abs that pop but a shirtless pic with a guy pointing to his abs all I think is what a douchebag

    • god_wayne81

      I thought it was just me.

  • inbama

    There is something seriously wrong with the Queerty Awards when there’s no category for Randy Rainbow!

  • Chris

    Derrick Gordon’s comments are heartbreaking. Anyone who insists that everyone should just come out already should read and then reread what he says about the personal price that he’s paid for doing just that.

    I do hope that he finds an alternative path that makes this worthwhile for him and that he doesn’t spend the rest of his life wondering “what if…”.

    • Herman75

      I still think that guys like DG and Michael Sam could have benefited with better handlers on navigating the sports world. That might sound like a double standard, but so is not getting a chance to play because of the double standard that pro sports deals them.

      I also wish DG the best, and look forward to his future success.

    • Kangol

      His comments are quite sad, but he may be exaggerating his role in the successes of his college teams. He was a valuable player, but not a star. On top of this, very few NCAA players make the NBA. Nevertheless, did he explore any non-US leagues? Did he try the CBA? There are many US college players who don’t make the NBA (or briefly do) yet go on to lucrative careers overseas. Has he tried out for any of these? He also seemed very caught in the brief burst of fame he received by coming out. He was dating a famous white bear actor, appearing on red carpets, and so on. If he has the talent he thinks he does, I urge him to try out for teams in Europe, Israel, Latin America, etc. He’d be able to make money, find the white bear of his dreams, and not have to worry that coming out held him back from a pro career.

  • Herman75

    What Rodiney S. said makes sense, and sounds like he is in a great place. Since he is in the fitness biz, that kind of mental fitness goes right along with it. So I don’t see why the jealous qweenz on here are so quick to say hurtful things. It’s not like he’s Bill Clinton or anything, still putting hands on younger, pretty ones. Who knows where that hand has been Darren!

    • DCguy

      Oh look, the old “IF you don’t LOVE the guy I’m obsessed with you’re Jealous!”

      Please detail out exactly what Rodiney said that “Makes Sense”. He spewed out a vapid affirmation and didn’t even do that very well.

      So list out the part that was sensible, otherwise you’re just another sad fangirl freaking out because other people don’t like the object of your obsession.

    • MikeE

      I’m sorry, the irony hurts.

      You complain that other say “hurtful things” but you preface that by calling them “jealous queenz”? That is some serious self-loathing.

      If I had a friend who regularly called others “queenz” without actually knowing who they were, I’d dump that piece of $hit in a new york minute.

  • nitejonboy

    Why does the comment about Johnny Weir refer to his armpits ? The picture doesn’t show him smelling himself, his comments don’t mention it, why even say it ?

  • truckproductions

    Oh dear god.. that rodney really is a douchebag. even more revolting are all the sycophants praising him for his eat pray love style vapidity.

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