Pride 2017

Unlike Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joyously commemorates Pride Month

We’re not the type to threaten to move to Canada just because the political climate isn’t going our way. We’re not. We’re really, really not. We’re… just not.


We can’t help but stew and seethe in hatred when we meditate on how Trump has completely ignored Gay Pride Month, opting instead to hail June as “National Homeownership Month,” “African-American Music Appreciation Month,” “National Caribbean-American Heritage Month,” “National Ocean Month,” and “Great Outdoors Month.”

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So while we get Trump and National Homeownership Month, Canada gets breezily handsome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who can do yoga poses you can only dream of…

…looks fetching with his shirt off…

and wholeheartedly embraces Pride month.

And by wholeheartedly, we mean he raises the rainbow and transgender flags above Parliament Hill and promises to combat the daily discrimination that LGBTQ people face.

Can humanity please just marry Justin Trudeau already?

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Addressing the crowd during the flag raising ceremony, Trudeau said:

“Our government believes in equality and equal treatment for all Canadians.

That is why we are moving forward on legislation that makes it possible to erase the convictions of Canadians who were unjustly convicted of a crime – simply for who they were, or who they loved.

We will be introducing legislation on this later this year, and further we will acknowledge and apologize for the historical discrimination faced by LGBTQ2 Canadians. We are committed to apologizing in an inclusive and meaningful manner before the end of 2017.

I believe that it’s essential to make amends for past wrongs, and not to simply gloss over them. Our government believes in equality and equal treatment for all Canadians. We will passionately defend the rights of all our citizens regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are unacceptable. In Canada we’ve come a long way, but there is still work to be done, both here in Canada and around the world.”

You can watch his speech here:

So, that’s how they do over in Canada, but we’re here in America.

But, on the bright side… HAPPY HOMEOWNERSHIP MONTH!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a plane to catch.

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  • Alan down in Florida

    Love Canada, love him but I wouldn’t be averse to his going in for a little rhinoplasty.

    • jimontp

      Rhinoplasty? Are you f–king nuts? It’s his nose, and he looks great. Much more importantly he has a brain and a heart.. There is no surgical procedure that can help Trump. “National Home-owners month?” Trump wants to get rid of regulations to prevent another housing bust that led to Bush’s Great Recession. “National Ocean Month” when Trump pulls out of the Paris Agreement and let the oceans heat up and rise to sink low-lying islands and BTW most of Florida. “National Outdoors Month?” When Trump is trying to massively cut back National Monuments created by Obama so that there can be more drilling and cattle raising on those lands.
      May attention to REAL issues and not frivolous comments about the size of Trudeau’s nose. Who knows, maybe Trudeau’s penis is too large for you? Stick to what his policies are!

    • mhoffman953


      How would the Paris Agreement specifically stop the oceans from heating up and rising?

    • TheGregoryProject

      WTF ?!

    • Ejens005

      He’s a beautiful man. I don’t find it appropriate to offer unsolicited plastic surgery advice to anyone, in any manner.

  • He BGB

    Spoiler alert! In last night’s Handmaid ‘s Tale, Moira makes it to Canada after escaping the crazy theocracy that is now The United States where they say greet each other with “praise be” and “blessed be the fruit” and my favorite “in his eye”. It’s fiction but a little too real. Gay people are mutilated or murdered. I just think it’s interesting that even in fiction, Canada is the land of the free where people escape for their freedom.

    • Miltonmoore

      Well, the show is based on a book written by a Canadian.

  • cancorv

    Well, if you had a democracy, Hilary would be your president.

    • mhoffman953


      We do have democracy. Crooked Hillary Clinton even said, “anyone who cannot accept the results of an election is a threat to democracy”

      Why are you mad at democracy?

      You can’t assume that if you changed the rules, that the popular vote outcome would be exactly the same – candidates would’ve played the field differently. That’s like playing poker and saying that if we followed the rules of blackjack that you would’ve won.

    • JessPH


      Did you seriously think that Trump would have won the popular vote if he campaigned in heavily populated states like California and New York? LMAO

    • Ejens005

      Democracy only works if people are informed and vote in their own interests. This is not happening anymore.

    • mhoffman953


      Yes, I do and here is why. If the American people knew the President was determined by the popular vote, more people would vote. You would have Republicans in blue states who never voted before because they assume their state always goes blue, same goes for Democrats in red states.

      However, there are more Republicans in blue states due to population than there are Democrats in red states. Thus, you’d have more votes for Trump in upstate New York and northern California, as well as in Washington state.

      Additionally, where would Hillary pick up more of the popular vote? Sure, she might get a little help from some small red states, but she roughly maxed out her blue support in major cities. Thus her total vote count wouldn’t change by much.

      Trump won over independents more than Clinton and this would be see if the rules were changed in advance. You can cite California and New York like you did, but where would Clinton gain more support than she already did in those states?

    • JoeyRamone

      @mhoffman. Crooked Hill. LMAO!!!! Do you look in the mirror and see a straight man, too! Oh, my my my. You are one funny homo.

    • mhoffman953

      @JoeyRamone That’s your response?

    • JessPH

      @mhoffman953 Indeed, many Republicans in California and New York did not go out and vote because they are certain that Hillary is going to win in their state. However, the same logic can also be applied when it comes to Democrats in CA and NY. Many of them didn’t go out and vote because they already certain that Hillary will win their state. Also, there’s Texas, a huge red state. If Republicans didn’t show up to vote in giant blue states like CA and NY then, similarly, there are Democrats who didn’t show up to vote in giant red states like Texas. In short, it’s quite a stretch for you to say that Hillary’s total vote count wouldn’t change by much if popular votes win the presidency and the candidates campaigned differently.

  • TheGregoryProject

    I love my country. #ViveLeCanada

  • Stilinski26

    May be just may be he was preoccupied because he went to visit the congressman who was shot and is in a critical condition and even if if he did you all will be criticizing and mocking him anyway like what they did to Ivanka.

    • crowebobby

      He hasn’t been visiting the congressman for the past two weeks. He’s found plenty of time to mention all the other “Months of …….” Yes, we’d still be mocking him because he is an asshole and a clown.

    • Stilinski26

      Even if he did you he will still be mocked and criticized just like what happened to Ivanka so he can’t win either way better to stay silent and neutral and display nothing thats the best for all.

  • Doug

    Can you imagine Trump ever addressing the public like this? It’ll never happen. Not only because he’s too much of a narcissist to do it, but also because his vocabulary doesn’t contain half the words of Trudeau’s speech.

    • trusgold

      That idiot is cruising towards an obstruction of justice charge He was nagging Dan Coates the head of the CIA to say he is not a target in the Russia investigation. . This idiot is going to get impeached then the gay hater becoms President Pence

  • trusgold

    for the idiots on Medicaid who voted Trump he will take out $850 billion from Medicare enjoy not being able to see a doctor but the good new is a HUGE tax cut for the rich Obama said its the largest transfer of wealth ever. Go Trump ya he will be kind to gays if they live in Europe

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