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‘The View’ trolls audiences by booking Caitlyn Jenner as a guest host and people are not OK with it

Fresh off the heels of her crushing defeat in California’s gubernatorial recall election, Caitlyn Jenner is guest-hosting The View today. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely why we can’t have nice things.

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The hit morning talk show, is a clear attempt at trolling its own viewers, made the surprise announcement late yesterday, and the response has been, well, shall we have a looksy?

This morning, Jenner, who hates homeless people, appeared on the show, where she quickly butted heads with the other co-hosts.

During a discussion about whether the current GOP can attract millennial and Gen Z voters, Jenner, who doesn’t believe trans athletes should be allowed to compete in sports, argued that young Americans “want a Republican party that is more inclusive to other people.”

“There’s gotta be a next generation, and I think they’re out there. And I’m hopeful that they’re out there,” she said, adding that, “The media is against [Republicans]. They won’t give the Republicans a fair break.”

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That’s when Sunny Hostin interjected: “With Trump as the head of the Republican Party, I think that’s kinda difficult.”

Jenner, who blames the sun for global warming, admitted Trump had “messaging issues”, to which Hostin replied, “He had a big insurrection issue, and a couple of impeachment issues as well.”

Later, Jenner said that she would 100% consider running for office again, saying, “Would I run again? Yes! It really opened my eyes to political life. It opened my eyes.”

Unfortunately, her mind remains closed.

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