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Wanda Sykes: Obama Is ‘Failing’ On Gay Rights, But ‘He’s Doing a Great Job’

Wanda Sykes‘s new eponymous television show is on the Fox network, right? So why is CNN promoting the hell out of her? Despite Rachel Maddow‘s gig on MSNBC, it’s CNN that appears the most gay-friendly these days. From so-in-love Anderson Cooper discussing bears to Kathy Griffin punchlining with Larry King to Joy Behar’s devotion to all things homo, Time Warner’s cable network is waving the rainbow flag.

So what did we learn about Sykes’s style from his string of appearances there? Not only will she leave Anderson Cooper alone, she also plans on giving Barack Obama — despite a few one-liners at the White House Correspondents Dinner — a pass, because “he’s cool.”

Oh, and this: “As far as with gay rights, yeah, [Obama is] failing on that. But I grade him overall … I’m just as concerned with our country as a whole. … The LGBT community doesn’t really want to be at the back of the line, but as long as we’re in the line. … For me to slap him about for not moving ahead on gay rights, that’s like somebody giving you CPR, and you going, ‘Ooh, your breath stinks.’ I’m just grateful that the country is still surviving. … To me, he’s doing a great job. I really believe that eventually he’ll get to the other issues with gay rights.”