Warren Beatty’s Trans Son, Stephen, Hits The Interwebs For Interview

Sitting (okay, standing) for an interview with, Stephen Ira Beatty, the trans son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, talks about transitioning from from female to male starting at age 14.  Now, 20, he describes himself thusly:

“My name is Stephen. I identify as a trans man, a faggy queen, a homosexual, a queer, a nerd fighter, a writer, an artist and a guy who needs a haircut.”

Yeah, we weren’t gonna say anything but it’s looking a bit scruffy, dude.

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  • Josh F

    Oh, First comment (maybe unless someone hits enter before me). Such an amazing person. Stephen has role models and will become one. So many ideas about the world and none of them angry, just how it can be improved. Many of us (I include myself in that) can learn from this interview with Stephen. He has such a positive outlook, and knows that what he thinks today may not be what he thinks tomorrow. Change is all around us. Great job Stephen if you see this post, and your attitude is wonderful.

  • Pete N SFO

    seems like a smart, funny, guy. Hope we’ll see more of him.

  • Analog

    Oh God, he’s wonderful, isn’t he!?
    Super cool and so positive. Love him!

  • Pete

    It is interesting that Warren Beatty and Cher, two over-hyper-uber-sexualized stereotypes of a heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman each have a trans child.

    Stephen seems interesting.

  • Scribe37

    Wow I dislike when guys on this site dismiss people to merely how they look and not the message they are discussing, but this guy is hot in the nerd next door way. My 20 year old self would have been all on that.

  • Gigi

    Seems like a lot of fun. A bit too much energy for me…lol!

  • the other Greg

    By “nerd fighter” I hope he doesn’t mean he fights nerds, he’s a nerd who fights? :)

  • Gauthier

    @Pete: I was thinking the same thing! In any case, this is awesome. Yeah, a little too jittery to my taste, but he seems like a really cool kid. I wonder why he doesn’t name his parents when asked who his best supporters were :s

  • Belize

    Can I just say how happy I am that there have been 9 comments before mine and none of them show a hint of transphobia whatsoever. Seriously. :)

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    beautiful beautiful beautiful. him sharing this message is going to be a real inspirational moment for a great number of young transpeople. KUDOS!!!

  • tazz602

    I know I am in the minority, and let the flame wars begin, I am not transphobic in any way.

    But, in no way should anyone under 18 be starting sex reassignment. Kids are still going thru puberty and still figuring out who they are and their hormones are all over the map. Yes, some of you will say “I knew at that age”, and maybe you did, but most 14yos don’t have a full realization of who they are yet, even if they think so. There were times I wished I was a girl as a young gay because I thought it would be easier and maybe that’s what I should have been since I liked boys.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad he is well adjusted and doing great now at 20, but in reality he is an exception and in my opinion sets a bad precedent for other 14yo to follow. His story can give them hope, but wait until they are older to made a mature decision to go down that path.

  • Gauthier

    @tazz602: Sorry, but I disagree. This guy didn’t “wish she was a boy”, like you so succinctly put it. It’s not a folly attributable to fluctuating hormones and the fickleness of puberty, and certainly not comaparble to the gender disassociation sometimes found in toddlers or young children. There is the clear and omnipresent knowledge in those teenagers that the body they were born in (or assigned at birth) is the wrong one, and not giving them the possibility to transition can lead to depression, psychological setbacks and suicide. Also, allowing them to transition at a young age when the hormonal system hasn’t been cemented yet, and certain maturing processes can still be influenced or even reversed, means that the journey will be a much more natural and non-invasive one, and is much less painful/confusing/drawn-out than if they were to go through it once their body has been set in gender.

  • Gauthier

    *didn’t JUST wish, sorry.

  • Kim

    Stephen has stated he has no plans to have surgey, hormone therapy is. Reversable.

  • Steven

    I was friends with Marsha P. Johnson from the early 90’s until her death. She would be so honored that Stephen mentioned her. OMG my heart skipped a beat when her name was mentioned. Oh the? stories she could (and did tell) for hours at a time… and sometimes spoke as quickly as you :) I’m wishing Stephen all the amazing things wished for in life

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    @tazz602: you, as a gay man, should actually listen more to other transpeople rather than tell them how they should feel about being trans.

    you’re gay. your experience is not theirs.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Steven: I knew Marsha too! A fabulous person. And the fact that Stephen is aware of her shows how serious he is about examining LGBT history.

  • Steven

    @ David – just wondering – did she ever tell you the Jeff Stryker/Jello story? BRILLIANCE

  • David Ehrenstein

    No, that I hadn’t heard. I knew Marsha from just before Stonewall and in the years immediately afterwards. I left New York for Los Angeles in 1976.

  • Todd

    @Steven: I wanna hear the Jeff Stryker/Jello story!!

  • Stephanie

    Well, SI is the child of that fucking sexist asshole Warren Beatty who fucked over many many MANY women. Used them up like kleenex, impregnated many, there were many abortions from this jerk. And he and Jack used to cruise around BHHS looking for underage girls to fuck. Underage, younger than this kid, younger than 18. They’d drug them up and fuck them and send them on their way. Assssssssholes who used women. I heard he was beSIDE himself over this. Well the chickens have come home to roost motherfucker. I wonder if SI found out about all this SHIT that he did to women?

  • A.Les.Bian

    Stephen Ira is a misogynist. She totally supports the war on radical feminists. Her blog contains threats of violence against radical feminists, whom she calls radscum. She also recently posted a sick anti-semitic porn fantasy on one of her blogs. It’s a shame to see this intellectually gifted young woman spiraling into such mental illness and hate against real feminists and her own female body.

    This has a lot to do with lesbianism and LGB issues. Because Stephen Ira is a prominent trans activist. Part of her mission is to silence lesbians and feminists, as well as bisexual and gay men, and people who are cisgendered. I read her blog daily, because there’s no better way to keep up with the sick, misogynist trans cult. Also, she writes well and has genuinely interesting posts about gay male culture (she thinks she’s a gay man).

    If you read her blogs and follow some of the links, you will see how toxic and dangerous the trans cult is to women and lesbians. I’d say Stephen Ira Beatty is as important in her own way as GenderTrender and Dirt. She illustrates the end result of women who hate women and want to erase women.

  • hamoboy

    @A.Les.Bian: She calls radical feminists “radscum” because that’s what most radfems are, they’re scum.

  • Brandon

    I read where she has reverted back already to her feminine identity and started dating a boy. Apparently, these star children are quite flightly and will change their minds at the drop of a hat.

  • Mark


    No. You’re missing the point. Stephen calls them radscum because they are violently anti-trans. He is not a misogynist. He’s actually a feminist. He just doesn’t think that ciswomen have a right to persecute transwomen.

  • Jerry

    Gay men and lesbians have always been natural allies with feminists. “Trans” activists have harassed and intimidated feminists all across the country. They most recently attacked a lesbian at a lesbian march in NYC and they have threatened feminists at a women’s festival in Michigan.

    “Trans” activists are reactionary thugs. The worst mistake LGBs ever made was allowing ourselves to be attached to them. LGBT needs to end.

  • Raziel Kainne

    what a cutie, on so many levels. his energy, passion and intelligence is going to get him somewhere and we should be celebrating that. go, baby gay/queer/trans HUMAN…

  • Raziel Kainne

    what a cutie, on so many levels. his energy, passion and intelligence are going to get him somewhere and we should be celebrating that. go, baby gay/queer/trans HUMAN…

  • Benjamin

    @Mark: Feminists are not violent. Trans activists are. Trans activists just firebombed a Wells Fargo bank in Oregon. Why did they do this? Because they blamed Wells Fargo for the conviction of a “transwoman” named CeCe Mcdonald who killed a man and who pled guilty to that crime. How is a Wells Fargo bank in Oregon responsible for the prison sentence of a trans killer who pled guilty in a different state? Who knows? Trans activists are mentally disordered and don’t think like normal people.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    @Pete: Actually, Stephen’s mum (and Warren Beatty’s current wife) is Annette Bening, not Cher.

  • Mike

    I agree Jerry, Trans activists are nuts and Trans people are some of the most homophobic, biphobic, heterophobic, and bigoted people you will ever meet!

    Many of them also hate anyone who is not trans or who is cisgendered.

  • Cyn

    He’s adorable!

  • Cyn

    @A.Les.Bian: Honey, go take a xanax and calm down. For that matter, I’m always rather shocked to read here in comments the blatant ignorance, bigotry and sheer meanness directed at segments of the queer community by the queer community.

    I’ve been ridiculed for my own twisted brand of sexuality by every segment of the human population. Not that it matters anymore, but it did when I was young. I did truly believe that coming out was going to include me somewhere. Well it didn’t. I found the queer community to be just as bigoted as the straight. Which was a really eye opening concept, wow, queers are human, too.

    Live and let live.

  • Bianca Lynne

    @A.Les.Bian: GenderTrender, you mean the site where “radical” feminists like BevJo and Rose Verbeena recently said that the spread of HIV was both the fault of gay men and the reason for the downfall of the “Lesbain Nation”?

    Radical Feminism = Conspiracy Theory, just replace “Illuminati” with “Patriarchy”. Cas ein point:


  • Rob

    Cyn-Yes you are correct, what is your sexuality? As a bisexual man I’ve noticed how the so called G&L/LGBT “Community” is very biphobic and Transphobic.

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