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Was ‘Radical Queer’ Group Bash Back Behind HRC Building’s Vandalism?


Just hours after the Human Rights Campaign’s dinner with President Obama was picketed by the Gay Liberation Network and Queer Liberaction, the organization’s headquarters in D.C. was vandalized. Coincidence?

Shot with paintball guns and tagged with the phrase “Quit leaving Queers Out,” HRC’s building was hit in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Was it part of GLN/QL’s “free speech” assault on the Gay Inc. organization? Who knows. But just like a Middle East terrorist organization, those responsible claimed credit via … the Internet.

The unconfirmed responsible party posted confirmation on this blog claiming they engaged in some harmless “glamdalism.” So who are they? No names provided, just that they are “a crew of radical queer and allied folks.”

Oh, well then now we’ve got to assume it was Bash Back, the self-identified “radical queer” group behind other high-profile vandalism.