"I’ll take the high road — someone has to..."

‘Washington Blade’ Editor Bites Back At DNC

Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff ain’t happy with the Democratic National Committee. Nor should he be. As we reported this morning, DNC staffers griped about the Blade snubbing a story on their delegate training program. In retaliation, communications director Karen Finney inquires, “Who is their largest competitor?” Deputy Finance Director Julie Tagen lobs that question to gay leadership leader Brian Bond. Writes Tagen: “You probably have a better sense since I tend to use The Blade and other gay papers in the bottom of the birdcage.” Those politicos can be vicious!

Naff, however, insists he’s above such shenanigans:

I’ll take the high road – someone has to – and ignore the personal attacks. It’s astounding, though, that the DNC’s communications director has time in her day to plot revenge against the Blade.

The reality is that the Blade has covered the DNC and its delegate training program. In addition to two news stories on the subject in the past year, I personally extended an invitation to the DNC to draft an op-ed on its program, which I later published.

We will continue to cover the news in an objective and non-partisan way.

And there you have it…