WATCH: A Treasury of our 16 Favorite Gay & Lesbian Surprise Proposals

If you’re the type who cries at weddings, you may want to brace yourself for this post: a mega-roundup of our very favorite gay and lesbian marriage proposals. Awwwww. (If we missed any, please chime in down in the comments with your favorites!)

Click through for surprises, flashmobs, giddy friends and relatives, and of course lots and lots of crying. Let’s kick it off with Brian and Scotty: nice, quick, to-the-point. We are tearing up already.

Looking for something a bit more epic? Our next pick involves Kylie Minogue.

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  • mjcc1987

    Last week I proposed to my partner of 25 years. No cameras, no audience. Just us in a small park next to the water in Occoquan Virginia. He had no clue. We drove there and really, he went because he knew going was somehow important to me. We walk into the little park (and I mean little), surrounded by trees and park benches in each corner. I ask him to pick a corner and sit down. He’s annoyed I can tell, but picks the shaded corner and plops down. Tourists being tourists are wandering around bumping into each other, but I only see him.

    Even after 25 years together, I am incredibly nervous. Knowing I would forget everything I wanted to say, I unfolded my hand written scrawl, sit down next to him and commence to lip flap’n. Within a minute or two, I see on his face recognition of what I am doing. It was priceless. My voice starts to crack and I get one knee and tears are streaming down his face (and maybe a wee bit on my face as well). I pop the question and the Korean tourists are snapping pictures left and right while he greedily accepts the ring and begins an immediate inspection of the diamonds. We will marry in Maryland or DC as it’s not legal in Virginia…………… yet. After 25 years, I will wait no longer.

    It was not a production and not on YouTube or god forbid xtube, but in my humble assessment, just as cute. Don’t be concerned that your proposal will seem to fall short based on what you see, just do it and it will be memorable because it will come from your heart.

  • tardis

    What a sweet story. I wish you two the best!

  • sfbeast

    oy, I’m verklempt. they all made me teary eyed. (even the one where I think the marriage will last about a week.)

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