Bye, Felicia

WATCH: Alaska Thunderf*ck to Trump: “You’re Fired”

Joining in the international chorus of voices bidding Donald Trump the proverbial “Bye, Felicia:” drag star Alaska and collaborator Nick Laughlin. The pair have joined with some of their other favorite people to produce a new parody of Billy Joel‘s rock classic “We Didn’t Star the Fire.”

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” climbed the charts back in 1989, and penned it after a conversation with Sean Lennon (son of Yoko Ono & John Lennon). Joel meant it as a way of telling every generation will face a crisis, but will always have the strength to endure.

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Alaska and Laughlin employ the song in a bit of a different way, recapping the scandals and stupidity (the considerable stupidity) of the Trump era. The pair also use the song to mark the end of a national nightmare, and as a cautionary tale to viewers not to let so dangerous an administration ever happen again.

Have a look, and play at maximum volume. We’re here, we’re queer…and Trump is gone.