WATCH: Andrew Christian Models Promote Underwear By Throwing Condoms From A Train Caboose

Did you have a good time at LA Pride earlier this month? Andrew Christian sure did, and in true AC style, he made a video to prove how much better of a time he had than all you silly poor people.

Nothing says “Pride” like 12 queeny go-go boys dancing in the back of a pickup truck in their underwear, so the softcore porn underwear king went a step further for the LA Pride march and ordered 100 queeny go-go boys dancing in the back of twelve spinning train cars, licking lollipops for good measure.

Mr. Christian’s gay stampede can be seen in the video above, where if you listen closely you can almost hear every model shouting “Hey, look at me! Look at me in this designer underwear that you’ll never look half as good in!”

Using gay pride to sell designer underwear in a messy promotional video doesn’t make a lot of sense, but what Andrew Christian promotional video does? Just last month, AC bragged about featuring (link NSFW) “super hung bareback porn star Antonio Biaggi” in a video right after partnering with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to promote “safer sex” on International Condom Day. Now that doesn’t make sense.

Antonio Biaggi isn’t one of the demigods throwing condoms from the train caboose above, but that doesn’t mean it makes any more sense.

Would you buy a pair of Andrew Christian underwear if a twerking go-go boy threw a condom at your face?

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  • miagoodguy

    These people are so ridiculous.

  • Jackhoffsky

    HAHAHAHA!! Throwing condoms FROM a caboose… HAHAHA!
    you know? Instead of… normally. Condoms go… INTO…

    oh nevermind.

  • Polaro

    I love Andrew Christian and his boys.

  • Dixie Rect

    They love to keep it classy at Andrew Christian.

  • hyhybt

    Why should an underwear ad make sense?

    This one, though, makes as much sense as repeatedly saying “train caboose,” which that thing only very loosely qualifies as anyway.

  • jeff4justice

    Since at least one of their models isn’t using them then it makes sense.

  • Jayson

    Underwear like this looks good on these little bitty models. If you’re not 5′
    6″ or under, and 120-140 pounds, don’t try this at home please.

  • alterego1980

    God forbid they give away any of their underwear.

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