Scruffy secrets

WATCH: Colin Farrell’s manscaping confession makes Ellen blush

Brave, brave actor Colin Farrell has a confession to make.

A Celebrity Confession, to be exact.

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The actor agreed to take part in an Ellen DeGeneres segment in which participants earn up to $10,000 for charity simply by sharing a personal secret they’ve never told another soul.

Farrell rose to the challenge and totally went there — if “there” is a place where you talk candidly about pubic hair.

He recounts a harrowing tale that involves, in his parlance, “retro bush” and how it was almost immortalized in Joel Schumacher’s 2000 film Tigerland.

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The director told his actor to trim his nether tresses, and then things escalated and they escalated quickly and they escalated horribly.

Allow him to explain himself.