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WATCH: What on Earth is being blown all over Zac Efron?

With the fire hose of news flowing at warp speed, here’s something to digest and quickly discard: Zac Efron is eating carbs again.

We’ll give you a moment to forget you read that.

The revelation comes in the trailer for Netflix‘s Down to Earth, a docuseries hosted by Efron and arriving July 10.

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The High School Musical and Baywatch star’s latest gig found him traveling the pre-COVID world looking at sustainable living practices. And while it’s not a pitch we would have expected, with the current re-closing of businesses we’ll watch just about anything.

For Efron, who recently called his Baywatch body “stupid,” it’s a nice opportunity to be charming on camera without being objectified, minus one flash of shirtlessness featuring a mystery substance being distributed over him.

Check out the trailer below: