Gaffe attack

WATCH: Joe Biden just called a gay couple “mommy and dad”

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden held a social distancing livestream via Twitter this week, taking questions from young people around the country. Fielding a question about LGBTQ rights, Biden slipped up and referred to a gay couple he met as “mommy and dad.”

It’s a harmless enough mistake, but doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

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The question came from Alabama Young Democrats President Josh Coleman, who asked the candidate “why you thought it was important” to voice support for marriage equality in 2012, even before then-President Barack Obama did.

Biden answered by saying he never had to “evolve” on the issue, like so many other politicians, and that he was inspired to speak out after meeting a family with two gay dads back in 2012.

“I showed up at an event- and doing an event when I was vice president, and it was in the home of a gay couple,” he said. “And I walked in the kitchen and met them first and they had two beautiful children, a little boy and a little girl.”

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He continued: “And the way they loved their mommy and dad – two men, who were in fact really strong men and strong people – just impressed me so much.”

We’re going to give him a pass here because his intentions are clearly good, but it’s a bit worrisome to think what gaffes could be lurking in the near future as we approach what is arguably the most important election of modern history.