WATCH: Johnny Weir, In Full Russian Regalia, Speaks Out Against Olympic Boycott

Self-proclaimed Russophile Johnny Weir really wants to go to the Olympics even though he’s worried about possibly getting beat up or arrested in Sochi come February. Serving Kosak Queen First Time in Drags at a Ball, Weir spoke to Keith Olbermann about why he’s against a boycott of the Olympics.

“It would be a slap in the face to the people that made me who I am, and gave me the opportunities to be who I am: an Olympian, first and foremost,” Weir told Olbermann. “Before a gay man, before a white man, I am an Olympian. That’s what I worked for from age twelve. And a boycott would negate all of that and also, it would basically punish all of the non-LGBT athletes that would be on the U.S. Olympic team for Sochi.”

Weir acknowledges that he has fears of going to Russia, where the government passed a law banning propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relations” around children. Some critics have accused the law of inciting homophobic violence, even though government officials have tried and tried to diffuse the international criticism by downplaying the existence of any discrimination and assuring that athletes and spectators will be safe at the Games.

“I’m worried things could be planted in my luggage and I get arrested,” Weir said. “I could be beat up on the street and no one would protect me because I’m gay. Those things are scary.” Though he previously said he wasn’t “afraid of being arrested,” Weir argues that getting locked up in Sochi won’t be  “good for anybody.”

According to Johnny, “What we need to do is to be there, to be strong, to be united, all of the Western countries that support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender unions and lifestyles and our ability to be equal.” The Bilerico Project‘s John M. Becker, however, takes issue with that, among many other aspects of Weir’s argument:

Ummmm, Johnny, it’s 2013, not 1983. LGBT people don’t have unions, we have marriages. We don’t have lifestyles, we have lives — sexual orientation isn’t some kind of lifestyle choice, it’s an immutable particular of a person’s humanity. Those terms may have been acceptable in the 1980s, but they sure as hell aren’t now. If you’re going to be working the talk show circuit, you owe it to your community to update your vocabulary.

For Johnny Weir, and probably every athlete competing at the Sochi Olympics, the Games are bigger than the politics involved. That being said, with an international stage, Weir and other LGBT athletes have the chance to, as he puts it, “empower the LGBT community of Russia and make them realize, and the Russian public realize, that I’m gay…I’m great and being gay has nothing to do with what I’m doing on the ice.”

That’s a nice statement and all, but let’s be real — being gay might have something to do with what you’re doing on the ice:

tumblr_m3wln1rd481rvjqj9o1_500Go for the gold, hunty.


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  • sfbeast

    Translation: “I am a skating queen. All that matters to me is my moment on the ice, in front of the cameras, and the money I get to make if I win an Olympic medal.”

  • niles

    He should have stayed in his tinsel closet. Weir is a disgrace.

  • Deepdow

    A lifestyle is one that is characterized by your income level or one that is consumerist or minimalist. I can’t believe this mediocre figure skater thinks a sexual.orientation is a lifestyle. What a fucking kapo.

  • ncman

    A boycott of the Russian location does not have to mean that the athletes don’t get to compete. Just MOVE the competitions to other locations around the world. It’s not like they don’t have skating and skiing world championships every year somewhere. And, for those less popular sports, such as luge, they have great facilities in Vancouver where they competed in the Olympics 4 years ago. The competitions don’t have to take place all at the same time or same location for the athletes to be able to have their days and show their skills if that’s what they are truly concerned about. If it’s the pomp and circumstance of opening and closing ceremonies that they are concerned about missing, I have no sympathy for them.

  • Garth

    There is no way Johnny can be full of shit ! He’s so full of himself there wouldn’t be room !

  • Deepdow

    I want to make a point about why people are rightly upset about the anti-gay law in Russia. I oftentimes hear and read people complaining that gay rights activists unjustly criticize Russia while forgetting about the Middle East and large swaths of Africa. The Middle East is dominated by theocratic dogma influencing law and politics, as is Africa, which also suffers from colonial era laws against sodomy. Russia decriminalized homosexuality in 1993. Russia is a modern nation, or so we think. Russia is also a G8 member. Russia, like the United States, has a sphere of influence, which is why countries which surround its borders are also rallying to implement similar anti-gay laws. It’s unfortunate what’s happening, but what is really disgusting – is that a lot of modern, western individuals are unable to understand what this could mean for millions of LGBT individuals around the world.

    When you can’t see yourself in others – you live in illusion – you are a smoky mirror.

  • 2eo

    @sfbeast: SFBeast. Take a bow. That comment will not be topped for succinct reality.

  • DragonScorpion

    While I acknowledge that a boycott will fail to keep the Olympics from being held in Russia, I think it’s a stand of principle. Countries that grossly violate human rights, like China, shouldn’t host the Olympics. Naturally, I opposed the Olympic Games in Beijing for just that reason. Contrary to Mr. Weir’s take on this, I find it much more a slap in the face to those who compete in the game and those who support those who do, to allow the games to be held in countries which are so callous to human rights.

    All that said, just as in China, all the criticism, protests and boycotts won’t stop the games from being held in Sochi. But I still believe at the very least that it sends a significant message of disapproval, and I’m hoping that pro-gay supporters who attend and participate in the games will apply a degree of civil disobedience to defy the Russian prohibitions, making a mockery of them and revealing how even in the 21st century Russia is still cursed as a very backward nation compared to its would-be peers.

  • lailaichong

    he should live in Russia, marry a Russian.

  • irisheyes33you

    Johnny once said, “I’m not for USA, I want to skate for Russia at the next Olympics.” (2014). If he knew then what he knows now, would he have wanted to skate for Russia. That was from an interview in 2010.

  • DonW

    Gee, Queerty, an article about the Olympic boycott movement — didn’t you forget to include some of your paid propaganda for Stoli?

  • Gigi Gee

    1. Who dressed him for this interview?
    2. I’m hoping this is all some elaborate performance art piece. A subterfuge that will end
    with him making some grand, supportive, pro-gay gesture at the Olympics.
    3. In the end he’ll show the world that he’s the dick-less little sycophant that we all
    know he is.

  • Gigi Gee

    @lailaichong: He is married to a Russian.

  • GayTampaCowboy

    Man, i gotta say that Johnny was not only very well-spoken, he’s brought up points that NO ONE ELSE has ever heard! For example, his statement about living in a state, and country, that STILL does not view him as EQUAL! Sure, there’s a distinction with a difference when comparing marriage equality and the actual law in place in Russia, but the overall message is actually the same. So, until the US fully embraces its LGBT citizens as fully equal, it’s a bit two-faced to point a finger at Russia and judge them.

    Johnny’s articulate argument against a boycott should be shared with more folks. That said, I think the pressure should stay in place – and increase. Because, politics being what they are – MONEY drives most political decisions. So, pressure from companies like McDonalds, VISA, American Express, etc will probably bring MORE pressure than our boycotts….but our boycotts are driving their decision to bring pressure on Putin to change the law.

  • ncman

    @DonW: Have you noticed how Queerty has turned off all commenting on all Stoli stories?

  • 2eo

    @ncman: They’re also turned off on their owner site, Gaycities, however the posts here aren’t policed as completely as over there where they remove accounts and actually have being banning IP addresses.

  • Queertogeno

    Me me me me me me me. Jhonny Weir you are a idiot.

  • Cam

    ““Before a gay man, before a white man, I am an Olympian.”


    He flat out just stated that civil rights are not his concern, the ONLY thing he cares about is being able to skate before the bigots he adores. Remember, this is the guy who would parade around in a Soviet Team Jacket.

    Weir is pathetic. He would rather have all of Russian gaydom arrested then upset his chance to perform for bigots.

  • Cam

    @GayTampaCowboy: said…

    “So, until the US fully embraces its LGBT citizens as fully equal, it’s a bit two-faced to point a finger at Russia and judge them.”

    Your comment is beyond idiotic. The U.S. has never had a woman president and there is inequality for women’s number in Congress….gee, so I guess that means that we have no right to complain about the rape laws in Saudi Arabia, where, if a woman is raped, she is sent to jail for committing adultery.

    Your comment is the same B.S. that the defenders of bigotry in the last election used. “Gee, gays should vote for Romney because you don’t have full equality under the democrats yet.”

    In Russia, it is illegal to hold your partner’s hand in public. Here in America there are states where you can’t get married yet….do you see any difference there?

  • Rational

    I am saddened to see that our community does not have the same gumption or strength that was shown by one small woman who said “No” and kept to her word. We complain about injustices, we threaten to boycott, we say we are going to protest …all this strong talk which quickly turns to stupid acquiescence. We’re going to boycott Stoli…then get reports daily on the “Stoli Guy” finalist (today from New York City)…where we had demonstrations of bar owners pouring Stoli down the drain as a protest to the actions of Russia. It appears that Stoli bought us off with free booze and a contest …and end up getting free publicity and good will from the very community that threatened them. Nothing has changed in Russia, in fact things have gotten worse, but Stoli has proved “Give em enough booze, a contest, near nude men…and all’s forgiven”. Now Mr. Johnny’s donned the costume of the oppressor, changed his tune and previously stated opinion about what should and should not be done at the Olympics. Is this a surprise? I keep saying it’s all about the money. Our community is apparently easily bought with money, liquor, or 10 minutes of cheap and quickly forgotten near nude fame. In my heart I believe that had Ms. Parks been offered a lowered bus fare, a shot of booze, or a lap dance, that she still would have had the strength of her convictions and not moved to the back of the bus. Would that our community had that same strength.

  • Cam


    Well said! Part of it is no doubt because things that are supposed to be gay “Gaycities, Queerty, LOGO” are actually owned by the same companies that own everything else and are not actually gay businesses.

  • RomanHans

    That’s a coincidence. Because before I’m a gay man, I’m a person who defends civil rights. Which means you, Mr. Weir, are an a$$hole.

  • Caliban

    He looks like Liberace playing Josef Stalin!

  • ncman

    @Rational: The Stoli contest was underway before the start of the vodka boycott. And, it’s not the entire community that has been bought off by Stoli. It’s Queerty that is being paid by them to promote them. There is a reason why there are no comments allowed on any of the Stoli posts. They don’t want all the negative commentary that would result.

  • Polaro

    Silly outfit, he really should not have worn the costume while trying to put forward a professional argument. But if you listen to him he is coherent and articulate. I do not agree with him, but I’m not about to trash him for speaking up.

  • 2eo

    @Polaro: If you’re not there are plenty of people who justifiably will trash what he said as self aggrandizing, sole oriented drivel. Weir clearly has no concerns for our community beyond using it to get in the news.

    He has his, and his attitude is fuck everyone else.

    Just being articulate doesn’t mean anything, some creationists are very articulate, doesn’t mean their point is any less idiotic.

  • AnitaMann

    And when the little moron gets arrested he’ll come begging for our help. What a whore.

  • Taliaferro

    “Before a gay man, before a white man, I am an Olympian. That’s what I worked for from age twelve. And a boycott would negate all of that.” ME ME ME! Before all else, you are a human being and Russia is abusing other human beings because they are gay or lesbian. That is the issue here, not YOU YOU YOU. Your narcissistic hubris sickens me. You dare wear the uniform of the oppressor in your press conference? What a affront to the rest of us in the LGBT community. A warning – Berlin 1939. Sig Heil, Johnny.

  • Cam


    And lets not forget also that he never came out in the closet until his career was basically over.

  • Polaro

    @2eo: Sorry, I’m just not that bitter. It was in his best interest to remain in the closet. He chose to come out with a vengeance. It cost him a metal in the last Olympics. While I find him too fey for my tastes, I’m not going to bash the man for having an opinion that is not without some merit.

    I do not agree with him, but there is another side to this story that we should not be tone deaf to. Most, not all, of the attacks here are personal and do not address why his position is wrong. It is the personal bitchiness that I find so very distasteful. Because he made something of himself is a really bad reason to hate him. Unlike the Khardashians or Paris Hilton, this guy is a National Champion and Olympian. Give him some friggin’ credit.

  • Polaro

    And seriously, Stoli is promoting this gay website which operates for free because of it. Would you rather pay to visit Queerty? Do you think Stoli might not find other places to spend its advertising dollars? Do you guys really think before vomiting something out here?

    Boycotting a brand that is and has been gay friendly just because it has Russian ties may be shooting our selves in the foot. This is not Coors all over again. Ponder and bring the flames.

  • AnitaMann

    @Polaro: I happily boycott Stoli because it’s Russian and because it’s awful.

  • Polaro

    @AnitaMann: Why is Stoli awful? Boycott if you want, but why?


    Fuck Stolli. And fuck Queerty and it’s censorship. Regardless of whether one agrees or not with the boycott there is absolutely no excuse for this cowardly censorship

    . Queerty, now it’s clear this company own your craven asses how can we ever trust your editorial stance again?!

  • Polaro

    OK, guys, focus. What should we boycott? We should boycott companies that are sponsoring the Sochi Olympics. Stoli is not a sponsor. There is nothing they can do. The sponsors, on the other hand, can pull out and have an effect. Boycott Visa. McDonalds… That will have an effect on the games. Stoli is not at the table. There is nothing they can do.

    We’ve made a scapegoat out of a gay-friendly company because it is the only Russian company we lushes know. Frickin’ airheads.

  • Polaro

    You guys are so stupid. I’m done. You make me sad to call you brothers.

  • Cam

    @Polaro: Said…

    “Sorry, I’m just not that bitter. It was in his best interest to remain in the closet. He chose to come out with a vengeance. It cost him a metal in the last Olympics.”

    No, he didn’t come out with a vengeance he came out because gays weren’t going to buy his book.

    And he did not lose the medal in the last Olympics because he was gay. he lost the medal because he decided to not do the quad jump that would have added difficulty points to his routine. Without it, the highest possible score he could have gotten was too low to medal. He played it safe and lost….kind of like what he is doing now.

  • MK Ultra

    Johnny has become a parody of himself. What was once sassy is now kind of bitter. He seems to be a puppet for someone else’s words. Also, I’ve noticed lately that in interviews his eyes looked very tired and stressed. And he seems to be wearing a lot of caked on make-up. I hope everything is ok with him.

  • Cam

    @Polaro: said…. “We’ve made a scapegoat out of a gay-friendly company because it is the only Russian company we lushes know. Frickin’ airheads.


    Stoli is a Latvian Based company that buys all of it’s supplies from Russia. Remind me about how it doesn’t have anything to do with Russia? As for gay rights in Latvia…the term “Not Great” comes to mind. Yes of course we should support them over companies like Absolute and Kettle One, Companies not only from gay friendly countries but companies who have been supportive of the gay community for decades.

    The fact that you would get SO upset and call everybody stupid over Stoli much less walk away etc… would seem to indicate an adgenda tied to the company.

  • sportsguy1983

    This “man” is a total joke. He didn’t medal because his routine wasn’t difficult enough. He will have a hard time placing in the top 5 of U.S. nationals, yet alone the top which qualify for the Olympic team.

  • tardis

    He’s right. I think it’s detrimental calling for a boycott. Having a fellowship of gay athletes and allies would do more in the face of adversity, because, to me at least, I see it as taking a stance, and it’s a strong one since the entire world will be watching.

    And what’s up with this Stoli backlash. It feels like we’re all scapegoating. They’ve publicly come out in support of the LGBT community. Stoli is the last of our problems.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: You don’t even begin to try to understand my points, but OK, I’ll spoon feed it to you. Try and not be distracted by cartoons. Turn the TV off.

    At what point did I say Stoli does not buy Russian grain? That is its business model. Russian grain isn’t homophobic and neither is Stoli. It is a Russian brand, regardless of where it is based. But it is not a politician and it does not donate to nasty homophobic causes. Give me any evidence that Stoli is homophobic or anti-gay or in bed with Putin. I’m waiting. Its not there.

    Let’s say you get the President of Stoli to listen to you. What do you ask him for? What do you want him to do? Advertise less in gay publications? Not donate to gay events? Not donate to gay causes? Oh, wait, those would be negatives.

    You are a bully, beating up the Russian kid for something some other Russian prick did. If you were smart, you would focus on the businesses that can do something and those would be the US sponsors of Sochi. But, no…you want your parade of meaningless hate that will accomplish absolutely nothing. Its like when people burn Starbucks because of something the US did. Like Stabucks has a cabinet seat.

    And that is why I find talking to you to be worthless. You will not answer those questions or make a good argument. You will now focus on me or how too gay amd successful Johnny Weir is.

  • Fitz

    I used to think he was a silly queen, but not I see that he is really
    and AWFUL human being.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: Johnny Weir did not come out to sell books. He was out a long time before the book. Seriously. What a silly comment. And, if you had watched the Olympic performances, as I did, it seemed very clear to me that Johnny’s performance was significantly better than the scores he received. But don’t go by me. Google it. The guys who tried them also fell.

    But, what is your point? That Johnny Weir isn’t your kind of gay? That Johnny Weir as a three time national champion and Olympian is not qualified to discuss the issue? Or that you are just bitter at his accomplishments and success?

    You really bore me with how negative you always are. I’m sure I’m not alone in that assessment. Get a life. You’re bringing everyone else down.

  • Cam


    Lets take your comments one at a time here….. You said…..

    “You are a bully, beating up the Russian kid for something some other Russian prick did.”

    1. So let me get this straight, bullying isn’t about tormenting kids into suicide, it’s deciding that Absolute, a company that has been championing gay rights for decades and is from gay friendly Sweden is a better Vodka to serve than Stoli, a company that is from a non-gay friendly country (Latvia) and which economically supports Russia by buying all of it’s ingredients from that country. Thank you for clearing that up, we’ll have to tell all those gay bashed kids that they weren’t really bullied, because apparently only mega corporations having to defend themselves are the victims of bullying.

    Next you said……

    Johnny Weir did not come out to sell books. He was out a long time before the book. Seriously. What a silly comment. And, if you had watched the Olympic performances, as I did, it seemed very clear to me that Johnny’s performance was significantly better than the scores he received.

    1. Typical lie. Being feminine is not being “Out”.

    2. I love the way I broke down his routine in detail as to it’s possible score and yet you are trying to claim that I somehow did not watch it while you did. Routines are scored based upon a level of difficulty. Therefore, a routine that has a quadruple jump in it, where the person makes a few mistakes can still beat a routine that has no such jumps that is skated perfectly. Weir had a quad jump planned for his routine and he did NOT do it. That lowered the possible score for his routine. It was not possible under the figure skating scoring system for him to medal with that routine because everybody who medaled had a routine with a higher level of difficulty, therefore the possible scores they could achieve automatically started at a higher number.

    I have clearly explained that. If you refuse to want to deal with that fact, that is your choice, but please lets not run around screaming that he was ripped off, when he altered his own routine at the last minute and made it far easier than his opponents.

  • Cam


    Oh, I almost forgot, as for your comment that Weir isn’t “My Kind of Gay”, well I guess you are right, My kind of gay doesn’t walk into a school yard and tell the teacher NOT to punish the bigot beating up the gay kids. MY kind of gay would argue that the kid doing that does need to be punished.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: Yes, Absolute is better. So what? You dodged ever relevant aspect of the questions I posed to you. On purpose. You have no answer. Unless you mean that every company worse that Absolute (all of them) should be boycotted.

    Answer the question as to why Stoli is homophobic or what it needs to change or what its failure as a business would mean on this issue?

    I’ll wait. Or you can, for once, say you are wrong.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: As far as Johnny’s scores…articles by professionals were written on this. Go read them. Yes, he skipped jumps others fell on. It was a calculated choice. He got dinged. But his score was not consistent with his performance. However, it is irrelevant. You don’t like the guy and I have no interest in changing your opinion. He works my nerves sometimes too. Let someone else do it.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: “Oh, I almost forgot, as for your comment that Weir isn’t “My Kind of Gay”, well I guess you are right, My kind of gay doesn’t walk into a school yard and tell the teacher NOT to punish the bigot beating up the gay kids. MY kind of gay would argue that the kid doing that does need to be punished.”

    This makes no sense. Are you implying Stoli is the bully? If so, defend you statements as to why Stoli is a bad company. Its only sin is being Russian. If not, enlighten me and I will say I am wrong.

  • Cam


    I actually didn’t doge any aspect. Your refusal to read my post because you are angry that I disagree with you is not the same as my not answering.

    I posted quite clearly that Soli is a company that buys all of it’s ingredients from Russia, and although it isn’t based in Russia currently, it IS based in a country without gay inclusive laws. If we are boycotting Russia, that would include companies that support Russian goods. Pretending to not read this once again would just prove your agenda.

    Next, you claim that there are “Professional” articles about Weir’s scores, that is fine, but do they also include Weir’s own comments about how he left a lot out of his routine?

    But lastly, you can try to deflect the conversation all you want onto Stoli and Weir’s scores, but the fact his, he is out there supporting a regime that terrorizes and brutalizes gays. He says he is an olympian before he is a gay man? Well fair enough, I am member of the LGBT community before I am a figure skating fan and absolutely support boycotting that country at this point AND anybody like Weir who is out shilling for them.

  • Kieran

    How dare he have his own opinion! He deserves to be horse whipped!

  • Cam

    @Polaro: said…

    “This makes no sense. Are you implying Stoli is the bully? If so, defend you statements as to why Stoli is a bad company. Its only sin is being Russian. If not, enlighten me and I will say I am wrong.


    Since my comment was about Johnny Weir why would you once again bring it around to Stoli? Weir is arguing that there should be no repercussions or boycott against Russia for it’s behavior…i.e. that the bully attacking the gay kids shouldn’t be punished.

  • Polaro

    As a person who remembers the last boycott, let’s discuss Johnny’ position. Something none of you have done. The last boycott accomplished nothing. The only people it hurt were the athletes that did not get to complete. The Olympics were still held, US or no US. Johnny is correct on this issue. Love him, hate him, he’s right. Self serving? Maybe. Assuming he can even make the team, which is considered a long shot.

    Will the IOC cancel or more the Olympics? No way. Too late. Too much money is at stake and none to gain. They are too corrupt. Legally they may not even be able to cancel or move it. And they really couldn’t care less about gays. So why are we focusing on it? I guess some political pressure, even if everyone knows it will fail may work (e.g. Syria).

    So, will a US boycott of the Olympics happen over this issue? Absolutely not based on this one issue and with Russia stepping up with the Syrian weapons it is very unlikely Obama would rock the boat now. So, why are we focusing on a US pullout? No idea.

    What would have an affect? Making the IOC pay financially by pulling sponsors away from them. They are corrupt money grubbers. Hit them where they only feel pain. In the pocket. How do we do this? Focus on the sponsors or the potential sponsors who have yet to sign on. Target a company like Visa and hammer them. We’ve got credit cards to cancel…we have too many anyway. The best we can hope for is that the IOC makes this a criterion for selecting future sites. That is the best we can realistically expect.

    So, good old Stoli. How does it fit in? Doesn’t. (I drink Absolute and do not work for Stoli or anyone connected Stoli, or Queerty, or a distributor, or advertising agency…)

  • 2eo

    @Cam: You know when someone is so indignant they can’t even recognise when they’ve being addressed fully repeatedly, Polaro is that idiot.

    Framing under a fake sense of righteousness that all idiots pretend they have. What is it with people on the internet who think relentless politeness lends credence to what they have to say.

  • Cam


    I LOVE people running around yelling that boycott’s don’t work. Gee, lets see. just the TALK about a boycott and the flack that Russia has been getting has already caused Armenia to pull back an anti-gay bill similar to Russia’s that was about to be voted into law.

    So, just the TALK of a boycott and backlash has caused the gays of an entire country to not have to live under a law like Russia’s.

    Just because you are a fan of Weir’s to pretend that his attitude is harmless because you want to defend him at all costs is not only shameful, it’s also sad.

    I get why HE is out there shilling. He needs to make good with the IOC, and wants to go over there, make money secure his future etc… But you have far less of a reason to completely sell out the gay community.

    Lastly, if a boycott won’t work, and won’t happen. Then why are you getting so upset about it? If it is meaningless then talk of it shouldn’t concern you now should it?

    No, by all means, please deflect from the topic, pretend I said something else, yell about Stoli etc… anything to avoid the actual subject here.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: “Since my comment was about Johnny Weir why would you once again bring it around to Stoli? Weir is arguing that there should be no repercussions or boycott against Russia for it’s behavior…i.e. that the bully attacking the gay kids shouldn’t be punished.”

    I had no idea who you were talking about. Johnny is not arguing there should be no repercussions to Russia. I listened to the interview again and am a loss as to where you gleaned that from. I believe his argument is that only the athletes lose in a boycott of the event. Which I agree with. But, forcing me to watch it again reminded me about what a bad decision that outfit was to his presentation.

    But, are suggesting the way we punish Russia is to boycott Stoli? Really? You still have not made that case.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: Why boycott Stoli? Damn you won’t answer that question.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: OK, now you are making no sense and have backed away from your original position because you can’t defend it. Are you sure you are not a tea bagger? You did not read what I wrote. You made up stuff. And you need to back and re-read what I wrote.

    Based on your latest…Stoli is not really the problem or even part of the problem. I’ll take that as an apology. Thank you.

    I am not upset over a boycott of sponsors – I support it. You missed that, yet again.

    I am no upset over talking about boycotting the Olympics, I only said it would not work, but that it could be effective leverage. “I guess some political pressure, even if everyone knows it will fail may work (e.g. Syria).” See, I read my own stuff. So, you are wrong again. But keep trying.

    I am not a fanboy for Johnny. Go re-read. But he is right on this issue, which you never addressed factually. The real losers in a boycott would be the US athletes. A boycott will not stop the Olympics or change Russian policy. Did you listen to the interview?

    And you are the one bashing Stoli and bringing up Absolute. Distancing yourself from things you can’t delete makes you look unhinged.

    So, now that you have done an about face. What exactly is your opinion? Because I am now at a complete loss.

  • Andrew

    I hate to hate on people but picture this image differently. What if this was a person of Jewish descent dressed up in Nazi uniform promoting the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Johnny Weir you are betraying your community with your anti-boycott rhetoric. It is transparent you are only in this for your inflated ego and your ignorance of the severity of the institutionalized homophobia created by the Putin regime (that has created an environment where gays are literally hunted like animals on the streets of Russia) – it – is not only insulting to other LGBT people around the world who have fought so hard for so long for equality but it makes me despise you and the vapid, narcissist, gold lame carpet you rode in on!!!!!!!!

  • Polaro

    @2eo: Thanks for adding so much insight. You are also one of those bitter people with nothing good to say. Thanks for sharing.

  • Stache1

    Interesting that this selfish little prissy queen talked only about me, me, and more of me. Not jack shit about Russian Gays and their poor lives.

  • Polaro

    @2eo: I am furious over what is happening in Russia. What I want is an effective response. What you seem to be backing will not help. Do you get that?

    The most effective thing we can do is boycott sponsors. Money talks. Not sending athletes or pouring Stoli in the gutter is just to feel good. It will change nothing.

    But, help me understand what Fox firing a homophobe has to do with this? Did you mis-link? I like that Fox fired this guy, but….?

  • Polaro

    @2eo: Yeah, yeah, tell me what I said that was wrong. Please feel free to quote me. Otherwise STFU.

  • Stache1

    @GayTampaCowboy: Yeah, sure because there’s no difference in being denied a SSM in say NJ and being imprisoned for just being gay in Russia. Logic fail.

  • AxelDC

    Weir has this strange hard on for Russia. He’s wearing that offensive Soviet uniform like a drag queen. Does he know how many people, especially gays and Jews, died under the foot of those boots? They aren’t so kitschy, are they?

  • Polaro

    @AxelDC: I’ll agree the outfit was really stupid.

  • Stache1

    @Cam: You have to remember though that Johnny weir is a true hero to the Russians. They really do adore him. Don’t believe me. Just listen to Weir.

  • 2eo

    @Stache1: Haha, that’d be something.

  • Cam


    I have answered the question about Stoli multiple times, you just keep pretending I haven’t so you can yell and scream about it.

    As for the fact that you are not concerned about a boycott of Russia. Really? Because you wrote several paragraphs attacking the very idea of one.

    And lastly, the fact that your main defense against people who dissagree with you is to either name call them, calling them stupid or bitter or pretend that they did not answer a question when they clearly did shows that you really do not have a logical backing for your position but are simply here to rant and rave and hope to deflect from the following fact.

    Johnny Weir stated quite clearly that he is an Olympian before he is a gay man and opposes a boycott against Russia.

    Fine, then once again, he has made it quite clear that he cares more about that than about the LGBT community. Well in reverse I car far more about the community than I care about being a figure skating fan, so I support a boycott and even if the Olympics are moved to Albertville, Nagano, or Lillyhammer will not be watching Weirs performance.

    Now once again, try to avoid my comments by complaining that I haven’t talked enough about Stoli or running off about Weirs Scores etc…

    While you’re at it, perhaps you should go back in a time machine and tell Susan B. Anthony that she is being bitter and stupid for bothering with women’s right to vote.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Polaro: I know that Stoli isn’t to blame. We aren’t all morons.

    But Johnny Weir can shove off as far as I am concerned. After his speech about being an “olympian” before being gay, his words about going to Russia and show unity with other LGBT people rings false and hollow. I am over him.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: I give up. We are just in a bitch-slapping-contest. Oddly, we probably really don’t disagree on the big picture. But, I do wish, when people make statements they quote the text…because your characterizations of what I have said are wrong.

    Let’s just hope we get the laws in Russia changed. I’m done. We’ll tangle again another time. I’m confident.

  • Polaro

    @DarkZephyr: Seriously, you may be the first one to admit that Stoli is a red herring. So many others can’t seem to pass up taking shots at Stoli, while missing the real issues.

    You don’t like Johnny Weir. I get it. He wears on me too. I just happen to agree with him on this issue, if not his presentation (cringe).

    And, on that note. I’m done on this thread. Good day to you all.

  • Palmer Scott

    The last time I can find that Weir even competed was in 2010.

    Considering the current field of competitors I think Weir and his followers are deluding themselves if they think he is going to the 2014 Olympics.

  • Cam


    As for bringing up Stoli, if you look at my original posts, I never mentioned them, you did. IF Stoli is a read hearing it is one that you hooked, brought up and served in here.

  • gatrdave


    I agree with Polaro completely. The only thing that I remember the 1980 Moscow games boycott accomplished was a reciprocal 1984 Los Angeles games boycott by the Soviets.

    We should go and win, just like we did in Lake Placid.

  • Joincny

    There’s something very wrong with Johnny Weir. What is this odd Russian obsession that he has? And why is he so unconcerned about the plight of gay people in Russia? Such an odd person.

  • mz.sam

    Whether Johnny Weir attends the Sochi Olympics or not is his own decision and he will have to pay his own way (to protest). He will not be chosen as finialists by the US Figure Skating Assoc. given that Evan Lysacek will be the male figure figure skater to beat, including a couple of other skaters’ skills far exceeds Weir. End of argument.

  • jeff4justice

    @ncman: Yep, and my comments disappear too. Gay Star News seems to be a better venue.

  • fredhotman

    He is naively pretentious to have some dim effect on the games. He lives in la la land
    never experiencing the brutal fact of life under Russian anti gay law.
    Boycott Sochi at least the Russian lawmaker never mince their word when they say that you better abide or else. Johnny Weir better watch yourself in entrapment.

  • Richard334

    Let’s get real Johnny Weir will not be on the United States team period. What I’m really disappointed with is the games were not pulled out of Russia for their treatment of gays in their country at this time. Even when Johnny was at his best he was OVER THE RAINBOW GAY and that’s fine but really I didn’t find it funny or wonderful only sad. Lucky the few skaters that were trying to copy him have changed back to looking more like men. Their have been several gay male figure skaters that have been artistic while still looking like males on the ice.

  • nature boy

    Did anyone else see Johnny Weir on that celebrity cooking show with Dean McDermott ? Johnny had to host a kids party and wore 2 party hats on his head instead of one (so it looked like horns) and one of the kids immediately told him “you look like the devil !” On the one hand I felt bad because I did sense some implicit homophobia equating feminine gay=evil … but at the same time, it was kind of hilarious.

    Overall, Johnny came off as likeable on the cooking show, but just young and not too well educated. Too much time on the ice and not enough in the books. Like in the above video clip, he says some valid things about Jesse Owens but then Olbermann schools him about Marty Glickman.

    Johnny, if you want to do something truly courageous, head to Red Square and film a public message about gay rights, addressed to Russia’s youth and telling your story, and then DEMAND to be arrested. That would be heroic.

  • Kenny1948

    @GayTampaCowboy: Exactly! I don’t know what La La Land half the commenters live in. I live in the USA and it’s not exactly gay friendly where I live, and a lot of other places. I can’t come out to my neighbors, for fear of having my house burnt down or worse. Hate to tell you queens, but there are more places in the USA that are just as unfriendly toward gays as Russia. No it’s not the 80’s. And no, it’s not legal everywhere, and it’s totally legal to fire someone, or refuse service, or to rent to someone who is gay in many many places right here. Not all of us live in SFO, or LA. Even NYC and Miami are not that gay friendly if you leave the gay ghetto!

    As far as the Olympics, they are about athletic competition. Politics is not supposed to play a part. By boycotting, we only hurt those who have trained for years for this one event. Many of them, would miss out on competing if there were a boycott. As much as I don’t like Johnny Weir, he is totally right!

  • Kenny1948

    @Cam: If you want to protest the Olympics, simply turn them off and don’t watch them!

    As someone who lived my gay life, before Stonewall. I really think that too many of todays gays live in la la land. Yes we had to fight for our rights, but we still haven’t gotten them here in the USA. I don’t know where you live, but if you tried to fly a gay flag around here, they would burn your house down. Trust me, we still have far to go right here in this country, without worrying about Russia. It would be totally hypocritical to boycott Sochi!

  • Deepdow


    I don’t like it when people generalize gay people or anyone for that matter. What la la land are you talking about? I think people who are marginalized understand what kind of world we live in. We have a lot more rights in the USA than we would have had all gay people remained as cynical and agitated as yourself. Yes, we still have far to go here in America, but in highlighting overseas abuses towards LGBT people, it stands to reason that further tolerance would be gained here.

  • Greg Garavani

    Was I the only one to realize how arrogant Johnny Weir is? He’s given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the LGBT community (more important for those in Russia) and he continues to parade about himself and how ‘fabulous’ he is. He states he’s afraid of being attacked in Russia just for dressing the way he does (and he should arrested by fashion police because his outfits are never cute) and wants individuals to use the Sochi Olympics to promote LGBT awareness but fails to do so when he himself says ‘I don’t need to kiss my husband, he can wait till I get back’. Why wouldn’t you want to kiss your husband on camera? Is he too ashamed of being gay that he needs to continue to use his Diane Sawyer spotlight for himself? I’m mixed about the boycott for Sochi myself and see some of his points being valid, however leaving it up to Johnny to bring hope to the LGBT community in Russia (or NJ for that matter) is futile.

  • dbmyers

    @AnitaMann: Will see what you have to say when he leads with rainbow colors, and, if necessary, takes the IOC to court if he should win a medal, wear the colors and then get disqualified.

  • 2eo

    @Kenny1948: Spoken truly as someone who hasn’t lifted a finger to our cause, in any way. Nobody who has would peddle that useless rhetoric.

    Just because things aren’t right in one place doesn’t mean you should stop fighting everywhere else. If more Americans weren’t so xenophobic our who movement would go places far quicker.

  • Kenny1948

    @Deepdow: I have participated in gay rights groups since the late sixties for your information! I have laid my life on the line, for HIV reform. Don’t give me that crap you jerk! What I’m saying is we have just as much homophobia right here. We don’t need to be calling the kettle black!

    When I talk about la la land, I’m talking about people who live in “enlightened” places like San Francisco, and LA. Most of the US is not that enlightened. If you think we have it so wonderful here in the states you need to get around. Have you ever traveled? Perhaps you might find out that gay people are accepted in other countries much more than right here in the US. I was surprised way back in the seventies, to see men walking hand in hand and kissing on the street in places like Holland and Germany. You wouldn’t have been caught doing that even in New York back then! Yes I am disgusted by what is going on in Russia, but we have much more to do right here in the US. Just travel to Florida where in places like St Petersburg and Miami there are gay ghettos but nowhere else! Go to Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Louisiana ( other than New Orleans), Virginia, South Carolina, North and South Dakota, Nevada, Idaho etc etc. Go to any of these places and try to put on a gay pride parade, or kiss your boyfriend. See what happens! You, I am sorry ARE living in la la land, and I make no apologies!

  • Cam


    Kenny, Lets clear something out. You claim on one hand that you are some long time activist, then when it suits your purpose on the other hand claim that you can’t even come out for fear your house will be burned down. Convienient how your story changes depending upon which post you are answering. Lets go through your ridiculous posts.

    1. You say that the U.S. is bad, apparently as some back-up to Tampa’s post that we shouldn’t criticize others. Once again, in the U.S. gays can marry in multiple states, and we have the legal right to be gay, to live, to hold our partner’s hand, adopt kids etc… In Russia, holding a partner’s hand will get you thrown in jail. To claim that there is no difference is idiotic. It is obvious that you have an agenda because it should even be obvious to you.

    2. You ramble about how we shouldn’t boycott but can give no reason why boycotting would be bad. You claim once again that it is hypocritical. By YOUR logic, nobody could ever complain about anything unless they were perfect. So in other words, you claim to have been an AIDS activist, well by your own logic, you were hypocritical and should never have done anything unless you had lived a perfect life.

    3. Next time you come in here under a phony screename to try to pretend there are more than one of you please make it less obvious. At least vary the arguments somewhat.

    The fact is, if a boycott won’t do anything, is worthless and will not have any effect, then why are the few folks coming in here screaming SO loudly against it? You’re like little children screaming at mommy that she doesn’t need to hide the candy because they would never sneak in and get it.

    And Kenny, I can’t wait to see what lie you tell about your past when you respond to my posts.

  • Cam


    Oh and lastly, Kenny, if you are going to lie and claim to be a long time activist, you may want to not lash out and call all of the folks who disagree with you “Queens” as if it’s an insult. That’s a fairly obvious giveaway that you aren’t the gay friendly activist you claim.

  • Deepdow


    Yeah, whatever. For someone so old and wise you do seem very prone to immature emotional outbursts. You seem to hate gay people as much as the bigots out there. You silly meandering individual. I grew up in Manhattan, but I lived in Europe as a child and I was born in 1990. I’ve seen this world. I know there are a lot of problems in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that I have to live life in a bubble. Guess what old, I can criticize Russia all I want. The whole world is. I can also criticize what goes on in this country and I do. You do realize you can do both? Right? Get it? Can you comprehend me or was that too much for you?

  • shelleybear

    Because my young poofta, in New Jersey they wouldn’t try and throw you in a Gulag, beat you, or take away your children.
    Think about that before you start saying:

    “Oh behave!” to the rest of America.

  • Thomathy

    I’ve said it before: Olympic athletes are entitled, selfish, and self-absorbed. All that matters is their moment to shine. Their inconsequential and small accomplishment of a particular feat of physical prowess is more important than, well, anything at all.

    Johnny Weir, an outstanding example of an Olympian; Embodies the definition perfectly.

  • icanonlybejm

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for our community since the late 60s.

    I appreciate your take on this situation and wish that others would try to view things from more than one angle, or at least refrain from the venom that I see being spewed to members of our own community who are bringing light to the same topic, just in different ways.

    It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to be an athlete- especially to make it to the Olympics. I respect the athletes that are boycotting the Olympics and I also respect the athletes that will compete in the Olympics. I hope that they both, competing and boycotting, continue to draw attention to equality, not just in Russia, but here in the States, and everywhere. They are champions of equality with or without a medal but they have the right to decide to either compete or not compete- it is their blood, their sweat, their tears. Whether they forfeit or go for the gold, either decision can be an act of defiance- to say the hell with your games until equality is attained or to compete and outshine straight athletes in the face of Putin and the world.

    I wish that more of our community could see that both the competing and boycotting athletes agree with the fact that homophobia is a problem that needs to be dealt with and just see that they have different ways of dealing with it and that is perfectly okay.

    I appreciate Weir’s glaringly flamboyant take on the Russian uniform- with the sparkles, rolled up sleeves, shorts and wedges. That is the most disrespectful way to wear a uniform. He took their symbol of oppression and shoved it in their face with glitter.
    It is quite offensive- not just to those who can only see what the uniform represents and not what he’s doing with it, but to the Russian military and to Putin and anyone who is offended by what he is doing with it. He will not let them stop him from being gay, from being an athlete, or from competing. He does not care if he gets arrested, he is going anyway.

    If he was going back in the closet, or if he was wearing the uniform as a Russian soldier would, then I’d be pissed. But he is clearly defiant.

    I might be biased because I’m a veteran of the military and I know how ape-sh*t military higher ups get over wearing the uniform in any kind of way not meant to be worn, especially homophobes seeing a flamboyant Johnny with a glitter and high-heeled wedges.

    I support both the boy-cotters and the participants- both who are making their voices heard and bringing attention to this.

    I hope we discuss this more with grace, instead of tearing one another down for having different ways of dealing with the same situation.

  • AlessandraDM

    Weir is making the tough transition from ‘TV personality’ to ‘spokesperson’ and he’s struggling with it (and who can blame him). As a longtime fan of his, I saw this same sort of apparently erratic behavior and disorganized viewpoints when he made the transition from athlete to TV personality. Just watch his first few episodes of ‘skating with the stars’ for a hella awkward-in-the-public-eye Johnny Weir; basically unrecognizable from his current charismatic persona. He was all over the place then just as he seems to be all over the place now. But he quickly caught on to the TV personality gig, called in the best of the best to advise him, and eventually made a huge success of it. Maybe I am giving the guy too much credit, but I personally am not counting him out of an important role in this Russia/LGBT debate just yet.

    Let’s be honest – we’re all angry NOT because we think the guy is an idiot and an asshole, but because we know he’s intelligent and we’ve seen him be compassionate and articulate in the past and WE DESPERATELY WANT THAT AND NEED THAT NOW from someone exactly like him, with his dual identity as a gay man and a Russophile. Just like the Sochi/Stoli boycotts aren’t really about athletics and economics but rather about drawing attention to a problem, this current Weir-bashing episode is not about hating on Weir but in a strange way it’s trying to encourage him to take a stand and be the leader we want him to be and believe he might be capable of being. If he hones his standpoint a bit re: the culturally respectful empowerment of Russian citizens (v. boycotts and disparaging the nation as a whole) it could become quite a sophisticated, powerful and very helpful view in this debate. It may seem crazy now but here’s what I think — don’t count Weir out just yet.

  • AlessandraDM

    @icanonlybejm: Amen brother:) Respect to ALL the athletes who are making their voices heard and bringing attention to this issue. Completely agree with you.

  • AlessandraDM

    @icanonlybejm: And I dig what you’re saying about the subversiveness of wearing the uniform in a certain way; I hadn’t thought of that but very true.

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