Body politic

WATCH: Man giving out explicit pics for Warren donations profiled on TV

We suspect Kenny Benjamin is about to give out more free subscriptions to his OnlyFans page than he ever thought possible after this Daily Show segment aired.

The gay adult performer made headlines for his scintillating approach to political fundraising, exchanging OnlyFans access for donations to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.

“If you send me a screenshot of you donating to Elizabeth Warren I will give you my alt and if you already have my alt I’ll give you a month of OnlyFans,” Benjamin told his 8K followers on Twitter last month.

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Then Kenny had his own personal super Tuesday — The Daily Show dedicated a full segment to his cause.

“One Elizabeth Warren fan has been giving you more than just fliers to throw away,” Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic says before launching into an in-depth interview with Kenny.


After Warren’s poor Super Tuesday results, Kenny knows her chances are slim. But he’s not giving up.