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WATCH: This new bathing suit helps hide your…

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We’ve all been there. You’re at the beach enjoying a day of sun and fun. Then suddenly, you see a hot hunk or a group of guys slathering each other in sunblock and — uh oh — you have to lay belly down on your towel or go waist-deep into cold water to hide your (ahem) “interest.”

Well worry not, easily aroused beach-comber! An adult video tube site has just unveiled their “B*nerless Bathing Suit” which uses presumably space-age technology to beat the gravity-defying parts of the male anatomy.

According to Men’s Health, “the suit has a built-in interior lining that helps mask whatever’s going on down there.” The lining seems to be a sort of compression short designed to help keep everything non-offensively in place.

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Men’s Health also points out that the bathing suit contains a small logo for the aforementioned adult video tube site, raising the question, Which is more embarrassing: your bulge or publicly admitting to everyone that you watch a skin-site?

The problem of hiding bulges in public is hardly a new one.  As Vice writer Mark Hay recently pointed out, the “naturist” and nudist communities have long struggled with what to do with sexual arousal in resorts that are otherwise advertised as wholesome, respectable, non-erotic and family-friendly.

Hay says that men at most nudist resorts simply cover themselves with a towel. But hiding your body’s natural responses seems at odds with the body positivity that naturists try to promote, Hay notes, especially since men can sometimes experience non-sexual arousal because of stress or hormonal changes.

Regardless of your stance on the issue, you can buy the suit at for the oh-so-clever price of $69.69. There’s also a $20 discount for people who use the promo code from the video above.