WATCH: Think All Democrats Support Marriage Equality? Think Again

This week’s episode of Marriage News Watch broaches the awkward topic of Utah gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke: A former Army Major General and CEO, Cooke wants everyone to know that, unlike his party, he doesn’t stand for marriage equality.

Also this week We discuss Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, who anti-gay activists are trying to unseat because he affirmed the freedom to marry back in 2009. If he wanted to, Wiggins could form a campaign committee and fight back against his opponents but no judge has ever done anything like that in Iowa. Will he go for it, or remains quiet and dignified to the end?


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  • MikeE

    yeah, he’s a Demoblican or a Republicrat

  • B

    What’s probably going on is that the Democrats picked up a few congressional/senate seats from normally Republican areas, and those congresspeople and senators don’t want same-sex marriage in the platform due to the conservative views of their constituents.

    IMHO it is OK for them to offer token objections so they can defuse the issue if the Republicans try to use the platform against them – these guys are still more likely to vote for gay rights than Republicans elected in their place.

  • Michael

    Good. Now let’s get some good talent on your site to keep the news current instead of so many older stories that hang on.

  • Blah, Blah,..huh?

    SMH at all the “centrists” (repuke j-offs who voted for Bush twice) who are now dismayed at their true representatives, ever since they jumped the slave ship and voted Obama. The dumb-dumb Dinos. Welcome home, lames. Wipe that look off of your broken faces and strap in, it’s gonna be settled in your own homes, because your bloated demographic has screamed and pouted for it for 40 years. So, thanks middle America, for being stump dumb in the most reliably useless ways. You get what you give, minus the man’s share.

  • dunivant66

    Yeah, Mormons!!! It figures!!!

  • Yang Tai

    of course not..being Democrat does not automatically mean supporting gay marriage, just like being republican doesn’t automatically mean being against gay marriage..also remember a lot of Blacks,Asians and Latinos vote Democrat and don’t support gay marriage..

    @Blah, Blah,..huh?:

    funny how gays like to use racist analogies..maybe the stereotype that white gays are extremely racist is true.

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