Major meltdown

Watch Tucker Carlson flip out over West Hollywood honoring Stormy Daniels… WHO IS NOT EVEN GAY!!!

West Hollywood mayor John J. Duran officially declared May 23 “Stormy Daniels Day.” During yesterday’s ceremony, Duran presented Daniels with a key to the city for being the only person in the world able to hold Donald Trump accountable for anything.

Well, on his show last night, FOX News host and admitted gay basher Tucker Carlson and his guest, radio host Ethan Bearman, were up in arms over the whole thing.

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After both men insisted they were “not familiar” with Stormy Daniels’ work and had never–never!–seen any of her movies, Bearman explained: “West Hollywood is known for its LGBT community. The Trump Administration, regardless of the rhetoric from President Trump on the campaign trail, has not been technically LGBT-friendly. The city has chosen to use her to celebrate her. She is fighting the president.”

To which Carlson replied, “Wait, hold on. A straight woman who said she had a voluntary sexual encounter with a straight man is somehow a symbol of LGBT resistance? Speak fully so I can understand.”

Because, you know, gay people are only allowed to honor other gay people.

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An enraged Carlson continued, “No one in this is gay! This is actually insane! Really quick. So hold on. I don’t know what that has to do with Stormy Daniels. Are there any other porn stars that they are going to honor?”