What do Ray Charles, Barbra Streisand, Linda Evangelista and Elle MacPherson have in common? They have all been models in Blackglama’s “What Becomes A Legend Most” campaigns. With winter just around the corner, why not put yourself on track to becoming a legend by acquiring a black mink coat?


You can purchase a mink knowing it will make you feel absolutely fabulous for years and years. Your Lamborghini might need to be traded in, and you might outgrow your little penthouse or even your boyfriend, but the mink will be there with its warmth and sensuality, a symbol of security, status, glamour, and luxury. Legendary Blackglama mink coats are made from select ranch-raised animals and are distinguished by an especially soft, silky feel and a thick undercoat.

When examining a mink, glide your hand both with and against the direction in which the hair falls. In both directions, the top layer and the underfur should both be impeccably soft. After you have selected the mink coat right for you, you might accessorize with a mink iPod cover.

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