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We Would’ve Recommended Asher Roth Let the Gay Rumors Run a Little Longer


It wasn’t a tough decision to call bullshit on web reports that Asher Roth, the campus hero behind the single “I Love College,” acknowledged he was the “gay rapper” in a book author’s blind item. But before the entire Twitterverse branded Roth a homo, his handlers at Records have opted to shoot down any notion that Roth sleeps with dudes.

“Asher Roth is not gay, and is not scheduled to be interviewed on the E! Channel,” DJ Vlad, the label’s EVP, posts on his website, with a photo of Roth next to a guy that could easily be his boyfriend. “Furthermore, Asher has not been dropped from SRC Records, and is a top priority at the label after having sold over a million copies his ‘I Love College’ single. Asher is currently working on his next album for SRC.”

Bad move, DJ Vlad! Don’t you know that the way to drum up publicity for Roth’s new record, and reach a whole new niche of (cash-ready) fans is to let the gay rumors continue unabated? Gay is cool now! Ask Adam Lambert! And while you certainly aren’t angling for Lambert’s image for your own client, marketing is marketing. You might’ve lost a few of the white fratboy fan base if you let them continue thinking Roth was a ‘mo, but these rumors hadn’t even reached them yet.

Besides, you already got the gay fanboy engines running with this: