We’re All Murderers and Bigamists, According to Antigay Nutjobs

Mae RaffertyWell, you have to hand it to our opponents: they’re getting creative with their insults. You may recall that a fringe candidate for Governor in Oregon said that marriage equality is as bad as murder last week. Lorraine Mae Rafferty is easy enough to dismiss, but she wasn’t the only one making wild leaps about the freedom to marry: an attorney for antigay clerks in Virginia filed a brief claiming that if gay people can get married, it’ll lead to relatives getting married.

Yeah. Okay. Sure it will. Of course, we’ve had marriage equality in Massachusetts for over a decade and nothing of the sort has happened, but maybe they do things differently in the south.

You can expect similarly apocalyptic claims in Utah on Thursday. The Sixth Circuit will hear oral arguments in that state’s marriage lawsuit. Back in December, a judge overturned the marriage ban in Utah, and this is the one and only chance for lawyers to make the case orally on appeal. Once we have a ruling in Utah, the next stop is the U.S. Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, couples in other states aren’t waiting for Utah (and a handful of other states) to work their way to conclusion. Two couples in Florida separately sued the state last week — that makes four suits in Florida alone.