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What About Maine’s Bigots Wanting to Teach School Kids About Conversion Therapy?

You know how Maine’s anti-gay camp is trying to convince voters that the Radical Homosexual Agenda™ wants to pass same-sex marriage legislation because it’ll force teachers to school kids in butt sex? Well what about our fear that the bigots trying to rape us of our rights want to force teachers to school kids on how to quit homosexuality?

The Rev. Bob Emrich — who is worthy of neither reverence or respect — is also a proponent of conversation therapy, notes Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper. Emrich, a pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church who’s helping lead the “Yes On 1” fight in Maine, has no problem promoting bunk science to his legions.

And yet he thinks the gays are trying to brainwash school children? Emrich, who says he “feel[s] good about the momentum” on the “Yes On 1,” has not had to answer equally ridiculous charges that his team wants to teach the possibility of conversion therapy in schools.

As we await tomorrow’s results in Maine (and Washington State), it’s a reminder of what’s at stake: Battling back against discrimination and granting gays and lesbians the right to marry, or buying into hocus pocus. Yes, it really is this obvious:

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