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What About Maine’s Bigots Wanting to Teach School Kids About Conversion Therapy?

You know how Maine’s anti-gay camp is trying to convince voters that the Radical Homosexual Agenda™ wants to pass same-sex marriage legislation because it’ll force teachers to school kids in butt sex? Well what about our fear that the bigots trying to rape us of our rights want to force teachers to school kids on how to quit homosexuality?

The Rev. Bob Emrich — who is worthy of neither reverence or respect — is also a proponent of conversation therapy, notes Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper. Emrich, a pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church who’s helping lead the “Yes On 1” fight in Maine, has no problem promoting bunk science to his legions.

And yet he thinks the gays are trying to brainwash school children? Emrich, who says he “feel[s] good about the momentum” on the “Yes On 1,” has not had to answer equally ridiculous charges that his team wants to teach the possibility of conversion therapy in schools.

As we await tomorrow’s results in Maine (and Washington State), it’s a reminder of what’s at stake: Battling back against discrimination and granting gays and lesbians the right to marry, or buying into hocus pocus. Yes, it really is this obvious:

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  • terrwill

    Another obsessed rightwing-nutbag who most likely gets barebacked in cruise areas…………

  • terrwill

    And kudoos to Jeremy Hooper, the subhuman rightwing-nutbags scum really,really hate him! They feel “sorry for him” because his family abandoned him. And the best moniker they have bestowed upon him is a “Gotham Sodomite”. You go Jeremy!!

  • Kyle Brooks


    You said the following, as quoted:

    “(…) Well what about our fear that the bigots trying to rape us of our rights want to force teachers to school kids on how to quit homosexuality?”

    You are using the word “rape” improperly here. Please take the time to edit your future posts BEFORE you post them so that you do not inadvertently minimize these types of things.

    The problem with doing so is that it minimizes rape. This creates a huge problem for people who have been raped, in that now it is supposedly “our” fault that we have been raped. That is not true.

    Thank you very much.

    – Kyle Brooks

  • viewer666


    an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.

    – from

    Maybe you should do a simple review of the word BEFORE you criticize someone else’s proper use of it.

  • Kyle Brooks


    Despite the various other alternative definitions for “rape”, I still contend that the contextual use of the word “rape” in the article is so improper – indeed, asininely immoral – that it absolutely goes beyond my mind as to why the author would use this word.

    Person A only rapes person B IF A forces sex upon B. A does not “rape” B if A grabs something from B’s hand. There is no legitimate comparison between having sex forced upon you and having something grabbed from you.

    The article should not have made an analogy out of being raped as there is a world of difference between having sex forced upon you and having something grabbed from you.

    I am disappointed that the quality of this article was marred by a defenseless word.

    – Kyle Brooks

  • viewer666

    @ Kyle

    -You- are advocating a dangerous concept by illogically calling for the dismissal of an article based on your -failure- to comprehend the word’s intended meaning.

  • Kyle Brooks

    @viewer666: I was not calling for the dismissal of this article. I was calling for more rigorous review of future articles.

  • viewer666


    Perhaps you didn’t notice the phrase “butt sex” was used? This may be considered tasteless to some, but it was omitted from your original critique. I find that odd since you seem so concerned about quality and morality.

    In any event, the word is not contextually improper, and while you never did say dismiss, I did for you because that is usually what self-righteous censors end up doing anyway.

    Tone it down.

  • naghanenu

    Look matter how gay friendly your straight friends are or how understanding “straight allies” are, Homosexuality is still seen as a stigma.I mean its ok to talk when its not your child or family member who is one.

    That is waht happend in California…everyone supported the gay right to love cause…on paper but come election day..what happened?

    The world still has a very very very very long way to go on this. And that is where anti gay marriage peeps have the edge…they play on that basic fear.”wat if it were my daughter or my son being taught that it is ok to be gay?” “Do i want my son learning that a child should have two daddies?”

    With the right amount of fear.. you can sell anything. I think we should think about this seriously. Becos trust me even if you win tomorrow…there is always next year and the next year until some federal law protects your rights..

    Do you want to live with that fear that today’s victory will be tomorrow’s loss?

  • Joey

    Dear Kyle Brooks,
    On behalf of the internet: “You are wrong. Get over it.” Or, as my friend, Shakisha would say, “Son, you done gone ‘n’ fucked up! Done!!”
    Love, Joey

  • pantherq

    They have to have jobs for all those gitmo shrinks. What else are they good for besides mind fucking?

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