When Irish Bi-s Are Smiling

Queerty is here to remind you that Irish actor Colin Farrell got his early training at the Gaiety School of Drama in Dublin. Though he first gained fame through the intensity of his acting and his womanizing, of late he has given wagging tongues plenty to wag about. Varying versions of what happened one night at the Versace mansion circulate yet it seems drag sensation Elaine Lancaster will not be denied.

Colin Farrell

Now we have reports that Colin’s secondary school classmates believed he had certain leanings. British gossip queen Jane Nelly, connected to Living Dangerously, a book about Colin, claims that his adolescent coevals found him to be “a mamma’s boy, effeminate and gossipy with a high-pitched voice and fussy manners.”

All that could mean nothing, if we didn’t have a certain interview Colin did with a Hispanic journalist. As you can see, the interviewer plays a word association game with Colin; the first thing that comes to his mind when he hears the name Bruce Willis is “huge cock.” Later in the interview, when asked what he and a bunch of men alone for months while shooting Halt’s War did for fun, the famous womanizer says: “Just went for it, big time!” while acting out an expert pantomime of fellatio.

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