When the Gays Gather to March on D.C., Barack Obama Will Be Playing Golf


According to the National Equality March’s itinerary, the weekend of Oct. 9-11 will be jam packed with activist training workshops, memorial services, and, oh yeah, that big march and rally on the West Lawn. Yes, that is also Columbus Day Weekend, when Congress won’t be in session. Fine. But what about President Barack Obama? Surely he’ll be around to hear the cries from gay America, right?

No. He’s expected to be at the bi-annual Presidents Cup Golf tournament in San Francisco, joining Presidents Clinton and Bush II.

Officially, current and former commander-in-chiefs have not RSVPd yet; presidents, with their busy schedules sticking pins on their lapels, can only give a few days notice. But if Obama sticks to tradition, he’ll show up, just like his predecessors did while in office. (The last time a president didn’t show up was during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.)

Not that Obama’s absence from D.C. will change NEM organizers’ plans. It’s just now they have to figure out how to coordinate a demonstration in San Francisco … on the same weekend as the march.