When Thomas Roberts Meets The Blogger Who Shared His Privates

It is terrible that I am less interested in blogger Kenneth Walsh’s report about the possibility of Thomas Roberts, the former CNN anchor and sometimesThe View panelist, co-hosting a talk show with Tori Spelling than learning Roberts and Walsh — who posted Roberts’ Manhunt photos back in 2007 after he took a job at The Insider — had a run in at a bar in Chelsea, which Walsh doesn’t divulge any of the details about, saying only, “Let’s just say I get the feeling that he might be ‘related’ to [off-her-rocker Real Housewives of NYC castmember] Kelly Killoren Bensimon. The whole thing was so bizarre, in fact, that my friend Jay texted me the following morning: ‘I cannot believe I had to leave so quickly after your Thomas Roberts Housewives reunion moment. … I kept waiting for Andy Cohen to pop up with a fistful of cards and start reading blog reader questions.'” Did I just ask a question? Sorry, forgot the question mark??. [K212]