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Wherein D.C.’s Real Housewives Decide Whether They Want Gays To Marry Or Not

Before Washington D.C.’s City Council voted to approve same-sex marriage in the nation’s capital, the Real Housewives of D.C. gals gathered, with cameras rolling, at gay D.C. Councilman David Catania’s office for a little chit chat over the issue. Because this is D.C. and the peasants must be informed! Some of the ladies (Catherine “Cat” Ommanney, Lynda Erkiletian, who has a gay sister) were fully supportive of giving gays the go; others were either oblivious to the importance of full marriage rights (Mary Schmidt Amons) or outright opposed them (Stacie Scott Turner and her husband Jason). “Jason and I understand that people have different lifestyles,” Stacie says, “but it’s way more black and white than that. Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Oh really, Stacie?

Sitting in the room was this season’s main gay Paul Wharton, the hairstylist, who seems to be at the center of or somehow involved with most of the ladies’ drama. He, of course, wants the right o marry — and says that if Stacie and Jason don’t want that for him, maybe he they shouldn’t all be friends.

But by the time the marriage bill passes (in reality TV time, this happens in a single episode), we see Stacie and Jason have come around. At least come around enough to party.

And Mary is there apologizing to Paul for thinking the issue and the gay “lifestyle” doesn’t affect straight gals like she.

Now can everybody stop calling it a lifestyle? Drinking wine all the time is a lifestyle, ladies.

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  • Polyboy

    I fucking hate that dismissive “lifestyle” bullshit.

  • skip

    I fucking hate all these fame-whore Housewives shows.

  • hephaestion

    Mary Amons is the one who carried on about integrating hair salons… ha! Also her husband made a homophobic joke on the first episode. Clueless rich hets. Thank God I don’t have to deal with empty-headed rich folks in my job. Pity the poor hair dressers. Stacie was my favorite of these housewives until she pulled that “marriage is between a man and a woman” bullshit. Jesus. Will they never see that we are human beings?


    Cheeze and freakin crackers! Why the fcuk would we even care what these vapid fame whores say about a serious subject as Gay marriage???? I must admit I do watch a decent amount of reality shows. Yet I refuse to buy into the marketing of these asshats as anything beyond a guilty pleasure on the TVs to kill a half hour or so. The fact that Kim Kardashian is said to be worth more than 40 million dollars makes me want to puke…..

    There is a banner ad advertising Bethany Frankel at a GLADD event. If I am not mistaken she was the one who walked the red carpet at a Gay event to get maxium exposure in front of the cameras and then did not even go into the event…….

  • Hilarious

    If there’s something to be mad about it’s how Bravo plays to some of the worst gay stereotypes in the business. That Network is just as bad if not worse than LOGO.

    Being portrayed as a finger-snapping, high heel wearing, bitchy “diva” for straight women to laugh and/or giggle at isn’t exactly my idea of positive representation.

    I can’t figure out why gay men even sign on to be literal clowns for these shows.

  • Shantay

    that black woman is taking her rights for granted.

    Mammy there needs to remember when blacks could not vote, marry a white individual, or have an education.

    idiot. yes, MAMMY.

  • Bobby in Seattle

    I never watch Reality TV, so I have absolutely no idea who these people are.

    Nor, do I care.

  • Dave

    @Bobby in Seattle

    you should care. Someone is against your right to marry.

  • skip

    @Dave: I think what Bobby meant to say was that he doesn’t give a fuck what some ignorant bitch on a stupid show has to say. Her retarded opinion is meaningless.

  • Tommy

    What I find ridiculous is that Stacie was the one who was putting down people who live in the suburbs of MD and VA as not as cool as she was for living in DC. She tried to act like she was all urban, cool and sophisticated, but then she turns around and says gay people shouldn’t be able to get married. Yet she lives in a jurisdiction that allows gay marriages! If she doesn’t like gay marriage and it offends her, maybe she should move to MD or VA!
    I never liked her for putting down people living in VA and MD. She came off as a snob to me. I live in DC and I never heard people looking down on suburban MD and VA residents. In a way it’s all one urban area, people from VA and MD work and go out in DC, and DC people often work and go out in MD and VA. Also, unless you want to live in a bad neighborhood, you have to be super rich to live in DC. A lot of people live in VA or MD here because that’s where they can afford, not because they lack urban sophistication. And places like Arlington and Alexandria, VA and Bethesda and Silver Spring, MD are just as urban and cool as many parts of DC. So she just came off as ignorant and snobby so her gay marriage stand didn’t surprise me.

  • ADC

    @Dave: So what? Not everyone has to agree or support. When these women become senators, or obtain some sort of legislative power, then I’ll care whether they are “for” or “against” my right to marry. Until then, I couldn’t care less what they think of gay marriage either. Social allies are always welcome, but no one can demand support from people who they don’t know.

  • Kev C

    What I find annoying about this, and the Lady Gaga phenomena, is the idea that the majority can determine the fate of minorities. On a whim, on a popular vote, they can deny rights and benefits, or grant them. This doesn’t contribute to the minority’s freedom, self-determination and self-empowerment, but makes the minority entirely beholden and dependant upon the majority for their freedom and rights.

    meh, whatever, fuck them.

  • Hilarious

    @Shantay: Yep homophobia is all about color and hurling racism will make it go away.

    You’re being just as stupid as she is. You’re keeping the circle going and focusing on “race” which is what the bigots with actual legislative want you to do.

    If you want to be pissed off at someone direct your anger at the people in power and those who are donating millions of dollars to keep us from having our rights.

    And if it’s really just that much easier to direct your hatred at black people then maybe you’re a bigot too which really gives you no right to complain.

    I mean the Mormons who supported Prop 8 were white, I never saw any racist remarks about them, but I saw plenty about black people. Why’d they get a pass?

    Whites are allowed to hate and be ignorant and blacks aren’t? Really?

    Work out those racist issues you have there, then join the fight. Otherwise you aren’t helping…at all.

  • The Milkman

    I thought the whole point of these shows was to illustrate the utterly vapid horror of what straight nouveau riche assholes have done to the institution of marriage. Half of them will be divorced before the season is over. Why, then, would anyone give a rat’s ass what these women think about marriage?

    If the religious right is really so concerned about the sanctity of marriage, then maybe their outreach efforts should start in Bravo’s casting offices.

  • jamison

    umm do these people saying there apathetic or against marriage equality know they’re on Bravo, right? I’m surprised they weren’t asked to leave.

  • Pip

    Yeah, drinking wine, posing in cocktail dresses, and getting your weave done once a week is a lifestyle. Being attracted to the same sex is not.

  • KiomainNY

    The fact that the one black woman on the show who constantly harpoons about racial injustice is the first to vocalize her bigotry and wanting to strip rights away from another group of people….the irony is not lost on me. This dark, rather evil side of Stacie is enough for me to not tune in to the show again. Her husband and her perfectly illustrate black homophobia and the fact that Bravo (a gay friendly network?) rewarded them with a show is going to lull the matter under the carpet. Stacie, get the chip off your shoulder. You are not qualified to comment on MY relationship, all while screaming about how injust life has been for you.

  • Carse Lin.

    @KiomainNY: thats all I kept thinking while watching this. her husband and her brought up their idea of self serving equality which ALWAYS reverted back to painting someone as a racist (Poor Mary said she didn’t like Tyra Banks and suddenly Stacie wanted to call up Al Sharpton) yet those two same people are so blinded to their own hatred and bigotry toward another group. The African American community has a lot of inward work to do in realizing no, they are not the only ones to have ever faced inequality so for them to promote any inequality is pretty counter intuitive not to mention delusional.

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