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Wherein D.C.’s Real Housewives Decide Whether They Want Gays To Marry Or Not

Before Washington D.C.’s City Council voted to approve same-sex marriage in the nation’s capital, the Real Housewives of D.C. gals gathered, with cameras rolling, at gay D.C. Councilman David Catania’s office for a little chit chat over the issue. Because this is D.C. and the peasants must be informed! Some of the ladies (Catherine “Cat” Ommanney, Lynda Erkiletian, who has a gay sister) were fully supportive of giving gays the go; others were either oblivious to the importance of full marriage rights (Mary Schmidt Amons) or outright opposed them (Stacie Scott Turner and her husband Jason). “Jason and I understand that people have different lifestyles,” Stacie says, “but it’s way more black and white than that. Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Oh really, Stacie?

Sitting in the room was this season’s main gay Paul Wharton, the hairstylist, who seems to be at the center of or somehow involved with most of the ladies’ drama. He, of course, wants the right o marry — and says that if Stacie and Jason don’t want that for him, maybe he they shouldn’t all be friends.

But by the time the marriage bill passes (in reality TV time, this happens in a single episode), we see Stacie and Jason have come around. At least come around enough to party.

And Mary is there apologizing to Paul for thinking the issue and the gay “lifestyle” doesn’t affect straight gals like she.

Now can everybody stop calling it a lifestyle? Drinking wine all the time is a lifestyle, ladies.