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Why Did Texas Sen. John Cornyn Accept Log Cabin’s Fundraising Gala Invite? To Court Queer Dollars, Of Course

Sen. John Cornyn, the Texas Republican, is against same-sex marriage and doesn’t want Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed. So how come he’s gonna sit down with a gay rights group?

Because it’s the Log Cabin Republicans, which isn’t exactly a “gay rights group” as much as it’s a group of gays lobbying for certain fiscal issues. So there he’ll be at LCR’s September fundraising gala (the one Tucker Carlson is hosting), because doesn’t “want people to misunderstand and think that I don’t respect the dignity of every human being regardless of sexual orientation.”

But make no mistake: It’s a calculated political move, as you’d expect. Cornyn is chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which means it’s his job to raise funds to get fellow GOP members elected (and re-elected) to the Senate. So every dollar counts, even the gay ones — which are just about the only thing Cornyn sees as equal between heteros and homos.

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