Why Is The New Head of the Log Cabin Republicans Raising Cash For a Bigot in Virginia?

Patrick Murray, the pro-choice and anti-gay Iraq War vet, is facing off today in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District against (gay) former FCC lawyer Matthew Berry. They both want the GOP’s nomination to face Rep. Jim Moran in November. But Murray (pictured top), in his voter communications, appears to not only be misleading the public about Berry’s stance on gay marriage and DADT, but using Berry’s supposed support of same-sex marriage and repealing the military policy as a reason you should vote for Murray. Because Murray doesn’t like him any of that gross gay marriage or openly serving soldiers. So, uh, why is the new head of the Log Cabin Republicans — a group of conservatives who allegedly value rights for gays — helping Murray raise money for his campaign?

R. Clarke Cooper (pictured), himself an Iraq War veteran, is the Log Cabins’ new executive director, which the group proudly announced last month. He’s personally hosted benefits for Murray (see below video, where Murray is speaking) and donated directly to his campaign.

Who is Cooper not raising funds for? Mr. Berry, who at least believes in a state’s right to choose its own same-sex marriage laws.