Why Michael Lucas Keeps Opening His Mouth


VIEWPOINTS — “I couldn’t talk about anything in Russia. I was growing up in a very strict regime. But I rebelled. I wouldn’t wear a tie, and I didn’t want to salute the flag. At that time in Russia, sexual education did not exist, and there were no discussions of it. I had no idea how to masturbate. There was no sharing of information—I was isolated . . . I accidentally got off on the flow of bathwater on my dick. I came and then freaked out because I didn’t know what had happened or what the cum was. Then, obviously, I loved the feeling, so I tried it again. It took me a while to figure out I could do it without water and instead use my hand. I felt guilty every time—people don’t understand how damaging the Communist regime is.” —Michael Lucas, explaining why he’s so outspoken [Michael Musto]