Wife Enacts Ultimate Act Of Revenge On Husband Who Slept With The Male Gardener


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

When Heather Antonsson discovered her husband of 16 years, Egill Antonsson, had been cheating on her with their male gardener, she prepared the coldest dish of revenge imaginable.

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First, she created a name and shame website–www.egillantonsson.com–detailing the specifics of her husband’s wandering ways. It reads, in part:

This website is dedicated to my cheating husband Egill Antonsson. A man who had it all but decided to throw it all away for a quick romp.

Egill and I were married for 16 years. We have 3 kids and until recently we were, or so I believed, happily married. We had it all. A nice house, a loving relationship, beautiful kids, a dog and enough joint income to make our living comfortable. What more could you want? Well, it looks like Egill also wanted John. Our Gardener. On the 15th of October 2015 I received an anonymous call to say that Egill was no longer attending one of his by biweekly swimming sessions down our local swimming pool. He was in fact having an affair.

The site goes on to say, “This website is in memory of you my soon to be ex-husband Egill Antonsson, liar and cheat!”

But she didn’t stop there.

Heather then hired a local SEO company to boost the site’s Google ranking. Now, whenever a person searches “Egill Antonsson,” the first thing that pops up is the story about him banging the gardner behind his wife’s back.

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The plot seems to be having the desired effect. Egill, who is currently looking for a job, says he hasn’t been able to make it past the interview stage. He blames the site.

“Today, most employers type in the name of any potential candidates into Google to see if they can find anything untoward,” he told Journalistic.org “When they search mine, the site comes up with the full story of my relationship and even a picture of me.”

He is now suing his soon-to-be-ex-wife to take the site down.

“I think it should be removed as it invades my privacy,” he said.

Here’s hoping these two can eventually work out their differences.

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  • Billy Budd

    If you can’t have an open relationship, then DIVORCE. It is that simple. Why don’t people learn?

  • Jere

    She may be cutting off her nose to spite her face. If her ex-husband can’t find a job, he won’t be able to fulfill any of his alimony or child support obligations and that will likely end up harming her and the kids long term.

    I understand the need for revenge, but there’s also real life practicality to think about.

  • Sukhrajah

    Legally, what recourse does he have – that would not eventually ruin himself and/or his family further? If he decides to sue for libel (or slander, thus dependent upon the nature of the conversation) – then he will ultimately be defending/supporting the very issues he wishes to hush.

    I do not support him cheating on his wife, and believe that he should have handled this much better. That said, his ‘less-than-smart’ move was in turn returned by his wife. Tit-for-tat, and they’re both losers. It must be fun to be the kids, or the dog – in this picture.

  • GayEGO

    He should have told his wife he preferred a gay guy and divorced her. Then she would be embarrassed to have lost her partner to a man.

  • gskorich

    i understand the anger and don’t understand why gay men marry women. it always ends up like this. what i find weird is this woman proclaims to love the man or at least until she found out. you dont do this to someone you love. shame on her

  • SnakeyJ

    This woman is terrible. She is trying to ruin his livelihood. He needs to sue her; just because he had an affair, regardless if it’s with a man or woman, she can’t ruin his life because she’s angry. I hope she ends up paying him a LOT.

  • BriBri

    LMFAO!! It serves the POS right, cheaters can go to hell.

  • NateOcean

    What country is this in?

  • robho3

    Good for her! Cheating is cheating gay, straight, or otherwise.

  • Minyassa

    @gskorich: She *did* love him, but he put a thorough stop to that. It is actually possible to stop loving someone abruptly if they do something that very decisively flushes your love down the toilet. It’s hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it. I don’t wish that understanding on anyone.

  • SteveDenver

    “When plotting revenge, dig two graves.”

    Most parents wouldn’t do this because there are KIDS involved.
    I don’t condone cheating under any circumstances, but if this is a sample of her temper, he should have left her first.

  • BriDaddyMN

    Or he could sue her for support since he can’t find work. Then he and the gardener can laugh spending her money!!

  • europeanguy

    total bitch, i hope the website gets taken down, he may have cheated, but thats no reason to absolutely RUIN your ex-husbands life!

  • esemple

    She made him gay.

  • Paco

    Ha ha! Awesome! If you want to be selfish and have zero respect for your significant other, then stay single or make yourself single before you indulge at their emotional expense. If you are hiding it, then it is wrong and you are deceiving your partner. Good for her for not being the dumb little wife while the jerk thinks he is entitled to having his cake and eating it too.

  • Wayne_in_NYC

    If the bitch was any good in bed, he wouldn’t have felt the need to look elsewhere. Some guys may have gay tendencies or a history with other guys, but as long as they can be satisfied sexually, they can tolerate it and lead, so called “normal” heterosexual lives. (Speaking from personal experience) But when it gets to the point that the wife is a coldhearted non-sexual person keeping the bed warm, it’s time to look elsewhere for what you aren’t getting, the feeling of being loved and desired. You guys are so quick to point the fingers and judge based only upon a very limited side of the story. As the country music song says, “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors!”

  • NateOcean

    Can’t find a job?

    Perhaps he can find work as a … gardener.

  • DCguy


    Oh give it a rest. He was gay, lied to a woman, lived in the closet, and then when he couldn’t take it anymore slept with men. So he was a coward and a liar, and she is stupid, vindictive and cutting off her noses to spite her face.

    If he doesn’t have a job during divorce proceedings she can kiss any support payments good-bye.

  • Rocinante

    She is an emotionally immature cu**. Human psychology is not black and white. Having had a parent leave the other for the same sex I know what two mature adults do. My parents were incredibly civil. My father never stopped loving my mother and never stopped providing assistance when she needed it. It was a situation that very few are prepared for and understand; however realizing that its beyond your control and nothing you say or do can change the situation. Take the high road and treat everyone involved like you would want to be treated if you were making a life altering decision about the direction of your life.

  • Mack

    Actually he doesn’t need to sue her. They go to court on the divorce and he asks for alimony stating he cannot get a job based on the website which she has posted the comment. In turn, she’ll end up supporting him because of her revenge. You don’t post to affect someone’s ability to support themselves regardless of the problem.

  • scotshot

    @Wayne_in_NYC: You are so quick to talk out of your ass. If you’re a happy and satisfied heterosexual who is a former homosexual, why are you here?

  • Rob91316

    Far be it from me to give the cheating closet-case a pass, but after 16 years of marriage, for this woman to say she never saw any red flags to tip her off that her husband liked dudes, either she is as dumb as a box of rocks — or more likely, doing what women around the world infamously do, which is put on blinders so they don’t see any of the red flags (which were almost certainly popping up left-and-right from the earliest stages of their courtship), and then act like the wounded party when the blinders inevitably come off and the red flags can no longer be ignored. Women need to get the hint that marriage is a lifelong commitment, a team effort, and often hard work with lots of bumps in the road — and not just about rushing the first dude who looks in her direction to the altar so she can one-up all her girlfriends with a splashy wedding.

  • batesmotel

    This must have been going on awhile as the site says copyrighted 2015. Although they were married for 16 years, don’t know how she didn’t see the signs. She must be severely naive and blind or he is incredible at hiding it. It doesn’t really say how she discovered he was cheating though. No actual proof. The woman sounds like she was living in la-la land and not in tune to the fact that her husband has sexual needs she was unable to fulfill. There are actually quite a bit of straight married men who cheat on their wives with dudes I’ve noticed. Although the guy is just having some fun with a guy, while married to their wives. Bi-curious as they call it.

  • Merv

    I want to see the gardner. I bet he’s hot.

  • robertrpm1

    Anyone else look up his name on Google?? Lol

  • Will L

    It sounds like she has the money in the family and is very web-savvy. Good for her – bad for him. Cheating is so uncool.

  • rod815

    Obviously, he’s bisexual….that’s not cheating! He’s responding within his sexual spectrum, bisexual men do this when their wives stop meeting the sexual needs. It would be cheating if it were another woman. What a batch!

  • JaronB

    This is not funny. It’s actually alarming that Queerty and other gay sites would post this as entertainment or news. It is neither. A vengeful and sadistic spouse goes to lengths to harm her presumably-bi husband over what is a purely private matter. Instead of passing on this ‘story’, Queerty piles on, further broadcasting Heather Antonsson’s hateful and homophobic attack. She succeeds in her antigay character assassination, and her ex is humiliated and can’t even find a job. This guy is being hurt, over behavior that is none of the public’s business. Why is Queerty participating in this?

  • dean089

    Hah, good for her!

  • JaronB

    Yeah, ha ha ha, so funny! (At least if your Internalized homophobia is so strong you think the humiliation of a bi guy for his private same-sex behavior is just hilarious!) What’s wrong with you people?

  • JaronB

    @dean089: Yeah, ha ha ha so funny! Um, how would you like it if someone posted your private same-sex behavior online to humiliate you? Bet you wouldn’t think it was so funny then…

  • startenout

    When you cheat whether you’re gay, straight or other, you are reprehensible. He deserves what she’s doing because he turned her into this person. She’s been betrayed and he’s a closet case ass. IMO

  • broadshoulder

    This sounds like something from the seventies? Are bisexuals still being forced into sham marriages. Theres alot more to this then is being explored here. I don’t know where it is – but it like something from Victorian England

  • RoughCutLumber

    She sounds like a really rotten bag of worms. No wonder he strayed.

  • Billy Budd

    I must add that I agree that even though he was wrong in betraying, SHE was wrong in her revenge. She should pay him alimony for the rest of her life for what she did. She completely lost her mind, very much like Glenn Close did in “Fatal Attraction”.

  • lesavingecourant

    She wasn’t wrong. He started this chain of events in motion. How garbage to defend him. You are birds of a feather.

  • GC1985

    Take down the site and get him in court for all he’s worth.

    @RoughCutLumber: Yeah, right huh? He cheated on the gardener and he betrayed her and his responsibilities. While I think she went too far, I understand why she did it. She is trying to raise a family.

  • David Myers

    @rod815: What blathering self-justifying nonsense! Cheating is cheating regardless of the respective sexual orientations involved. If they had an understanding that they were both given permission to have involvements with others . . . . that’s a different story. To claim it isn’t cheating if he is bisexual and then turn around and claim that it would be cheating if it were with a woman makes you look stupid . . . or a troll!

  • Dave Downunder

    @David Myers: I agree with you 100% I have met quite a few married men at cruise venues or on line who don’t consider sex with other men cheating which of course is just rationalisation to justify their behaviour and assuage their guilt. Their wives would have a completely different view of it.

    It also reveals how these bisexual men devalue gay relationships. They feel that sex with another woman could lead to an emotional involvement which would be cheating on their wives where as sex with men is purely mechanical and not as intimate. They can’t see themselves forming an emotional involvement with a man so therefore men are more disposable. This is why I won’t play in that pool any more, their attitude sucks.

  • Chris Tan


  • Brian

    Women can be such bitches but nevertheless it’s not right to physically cheat on your spouse.

    Women need to understand that men have powerful sex drives which can drive them into the arms of other horny men. This is what casual homosexuality is all about. Perhaps the wife should allow him to talk about his homosexual desires as a means of letting off steam, thus averting the chance of him physically cheating on her.

  • Dave Downunder

    I can’t believe how many people on here are defending him and condemning her just because it feeds into the gay fantasy of having sex with a married man. What he did was amazingly wrong. It was a betrayal and potentially put his wife at risk of STD’s which could have included HIV. I say good for her for her creative revenge.

  • JerseyMike

    Two stupid people.. Stupid man for cheating. Stupid woman for putting their business out in the open like that. I am guessing his income does not matter to her. Two very selfish people because neither could have thought about the children.

  • Brian

    @Dave Downunder: Don’t be ridiculous. The idea that he would automatically put his wife at risk of HIV is truly old-fashioned thinking. Some might say it’s even homophobic. Would you say the same thing if the husband was having an affair with another woman? Doubt it.

  • GC1985

    @Brian: You continue to prove how ignorant you are. I knew you would comment here. You love closeted married men.

  • onthemark

    When I saw the headline “Ultimate Act of Revenge” paired with the photo involving garden SHEARS, I was afraid the “ultimate act” would be… uh… something more physical?

    Lorena Bobbitt still holds the record for “ultimate,” sorry!

  • Kangol

    I’d hate to be someone else named Egill Antonsson looking for a job or trying to meet someone. The scorned wife is ruining it for everyone else with that name!

  • bottom250

    This “woman” is so disgraceful, sweethearts. I wish him and the gardener all the best and happiness. They have found each other and the love is so beautiful.

  • Manchester



  • GC1985

    @bottom250: And why is she disgraceful? He was worse than what she did. He had a family and lied to them. But I take it you like it when people lie and cheat. You’re only giving this guy a pass because he cheated on his wife with a man.

  • bottom250

    @GC1985: Honey, he found love and let love shine. The Queen has spoken.

  • Liam

    Had this been the other way round (husband had posted a shame page on his wife) there’d be no end for outcries of harassment, stalking, and internet shaming.

    Why don’t people just grow up?

  • GC1985

    @bottom250: Who said this is love? It could have been lust and that’s it. Nothing is more than skin deep for you.

  • bottom250

    @GC1985: @GC1985: Honey I love it deep.

  • bobbibubbi

    @robho3: Not necessarily — depending on the country and community this took place in, he may have been under unfair pressure to keep up appearances as being straight or face repercussions like discrimination. I don’t know the details but the world hasn’t really advanced that much to say that cheating is cheating regardless of gay or straight.

  • Vallin

    His penis is still attached to him, so no real problem! I could use a good, open-minded talent agent with connections in the UK. If he’s cute, I can add even more “benefits, gifts, and talents”. We’ll talk…};)

  • Vallin

    @bottom250: I think I love you! Would you happen to be MtoF or femmy-androgynous as well?

  • Sluggo2007

    @Jere: Women never, and I mean NEVER, consider the consequences of their actions. They just lash out without thinking things out. It’s their nature.

  • Evji108

    @NateOcean: Maybe not THE gardener, but perhaps the under-gardener.

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