All That Sparkles

Will Carrie Prejean Keep her Crown?


Soaking up all the publicity he can muster, Miss USA’s chief Donald Trump will decide tomorrow whether Prejean keeps her title as first-runner up in the national contest. Wisely sitting out from the media rounds until the story risked losing headlines, Trump is dragging this thing out for every sparkly sequin he can muster. But today we’ll be treated to a presser from the Miss California USA organization, which invited the state’s runner-up Tami Farrell to attend; Prejean wasn’t asked to be there. A ceremonious transfer of Miss California crowns, then?

UPDATE: So that press conference that Miss California USA held today? Pointless. Co-executive directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler said deciding whether Carrie Prejean should lose her crown is a decision only Donald Trump can make. Which he’s expected to do. Tomorrow. As the kids say: Developing!