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Will Carrie Prejean Keep her Crown?


Soaking up all the publicity he can muster, Miss USA’s chief Donald Trump will decide tomorrow whether Prejean keeps her title as first-runner up in the national contest. Wisely sitting out from the media rounds until the story risked losing headlines, Trump is dragging this thing out for every sparkly sequin he can muster. But today we’ll be treated to a presser from the Miss California USA organization, which invited the state’s runner-up Tami Farrell to attend; Prejean wasn’t asked to be there. A ceremonious transfer of Miss California crowns, then?

UPDATE: So that press conference that Miss California USA held today? Pointless. Co-executive directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler said deciding whether Carrie Prejean should lose her crown is a decision only Donald Trump can make. Which he’s expected to do. Tomorrow. As the kids say: Developing!

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  • glen

    so last week.

  • Mebored

    We don’t give a damn ’bout carrie f*cking prejean.

  • ChristopherM

    Donald Trump represents everything that is wrong with our society.

  • Chitown Kev

    Who gives a flying fuck?

  • LaFeminator

    Is she transsexual? There are rumors…..

  • strumpetwindsock

    Yes, but nobody can take GOD’s crown away from her!

  • bobito

    I really have heard and read everything I need to hear and read about the pretty blond lady with the narrow mind and big mouth. They’re a dime a dozen in California. Can we now please relegate her to her well-deserved and thoroughly earned obscurity? And for that matter, how about relegating bloated, worthless Donald Trump to obscurity too? I swear, the sight of that fucking hideous combover irritates the crap out of me.

  • Tony

    I afraid that if she loses her crown, she will be held as a martyr by the religtards. If we just ignore her she will vanish. Anyone remember the name of the last Miss California?!?! No, because she has already faded away. Perez Hilton made Carrie Precum a star. With gay bloggers like Perez and Uber Douche John Aravosis, thank sweet Jesus for Queerty.

  • Tony

    Oop, I mean I am afraid. Typo. Sorry.

  • ceazer

    yes she will keep it coz everyone now thinks that this a gay marriage issue. I don’t want her to loose it because if she does, we’ll never hear the end of it. And backlash is a bitch baby! and, Te Trump loves her!

  • Joanaroo

    Unfortunately Prejean is just like a hemmorhoid: a pain in the ass, always itching to remind you it’s still around and takes forever to disappear!

  • alan brickman

    what she said is free speech..and you have the freedom to disagree with her….

  • TANK

    SEEYA! If you’re afraid of offending people, you’ll never do anything…because anything you do is gonna offend someone.

  • afrolito

    She has a right to her opinion, and shouldn’t be crucified for exercising FREE SPEECH. Gay nazis have made her out to be Hitler in sequens, but she’s not the enemy, and never was. I hope The Donald let’s her keep the crown.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I think its funny how people confuse corporations with democracies.

  • Queerky

    Never mind, Prejean. You can always try out for the second season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Those girls mimick feminine beauty also.

  • michael

    She’s already the Christian Reich’s poster martyr so if she loses her crown that will just enshrine that fact. The reason she is facing losing her crown is because she may have violated her morals contract by posing for pictures that she contractually agreed not to be a part of. Of course the Christian reich will be overlooked. Not that I care, but Donald is gonna piss somebody off with the one either way. Regardless, she has a future on Fox News or maybe the view. Baba Wawa respects her for standing up for what she believes that other blonde bimbo on the show is growing tired, they need a new [email protected] to fill that hole anyway.

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