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Will Three Gays Head Up Good Morning America?


With Diane Sawyer making her decade-long exit from Good Morning America, all of New York media wants to know: Who will take her place? Depending on who ABC picks, the network’s morning show could become the gayest place on television.

By comparison, NBC’s Today and CBS’s The Early Show are pretty straight chat fests. (Okay, we’ve heard the gay rumors about Early‘s weatherman Dave Price, too. He’s single and lives in NYC with his dog. Uh huh.) But on GMA, you’ve already got Robin Roberts and Sam Champion, both of whom are out among colleagues, but not viewing audiences (at least, they don’t make it anyone’s business).

That leaves Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo as the resident heteros, making GMA a refreshing half-gay. But what if ABC filled Diane’s spot with another family member?

Already, financial lez Suze Orman has raised her hand to ABC brass letting them know she wants the job. But “insiders” says ABC wants a dude to replace Diane (who’s leaving to take Charlie Gibson’s evening anchor chair) and sit next to Robin, “restoring” the male-female duo main hosting construct. “A short list of candidates,” says the Los Angeles Times‘ Matea Gold, “is widely believed to include This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos, World News Saturday anchor David Muir, GMA Weekend co-host Bill Weir and GMA news anchor Chris Cuomo.” (NB: Moving Cuomo to a main slot would still leave open the junior “news anchor” slot.)

Funny, then, that Weir already has the gays speculating And so does Muir.

Not that adding another ‘mo would really change GMA‘s formula of news, entertainment, and crossing and uncrossing legs. But it’d be nice to wake up every morning and see Chris Cuomo quivering among the Gs.

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