Tatchell: "Williams Has Betrayed His Own Principles"

Williams To Americans: Walk Away From Gays

Anglican leader Rowan Williams has a message for America’s Episcopal branch: toss the gays.

The Archbishop of Canterbury arrived in New Orleans to ask America’s Anglican-associated clergy to stop officiating openly gay leaders. What’s more, Williams wants the Americans to create a self-governing structure to monitor clergy tempted to bless same-sex marriages.

They will be asked to give guarantees that they will not allow the election of any more openly gay bishops or authorise public blessing services for same-sex couples and will create a structure for separate episcopal oversight for conservative congregations who disagree with the church’s liberal leadership.

The two-day, six hour meeting, which one source describes as “volatile”, comes after Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola’s anti-gay ultimatum. If the Americans don’t agree to end their gay-welcoming ways, Akinola and his Global South sect will walk away from the church. Akinola’s so intent on flexing his muscle stateside, he appointed an American Bishop to the Church of Nigeria.

Williams’ seems to be discarding his more tolerant past, a move which drew outrage from British activist Peter Tatchell:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has betrayed his own principles and [has] betrayed the gay community by caving in to pressure from the extreme right-wing of his church.

[Dr Williams] would not appease a racist or an anti-Semite cleric, so why is he appeasing homophobes within the Anglican Communion? He is allowing the church’s agenda to be dictated by the voices of unreason and intolerance.

Has Williams lost all his hope? Yep.