What Will Become of Ed Koch?

Window Media Sheds ‘NY Press’

More “restructuring” over at Window Media, the gay-owned media giant that publishes HX, Washington Blade and a slew of other fag rags.

NY Times reports that the company’s sole “straight” publication, New York Press, will be sold to Manhattan Media.

Peter Palomino, president of Denver-based Avalon Equity Partners, which owns Window Media, tells The Times:

Manhattan Media is based here in the city, and they have a long history with community weeklies. It just seems like a natural fit for them to acquire The New York Press.

No word on whether there will be any staff changes, so “proud” gay columnist Ed Koch job seems to be safe.

For now.

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  • Qjersey

    They ain’t selling it cause its “straight,” they’re selling it because the quality of writing and editorials is SO much better, LOL.

    Oh yeah, that and the cash infusion…

  • perryoshow

    Interesting. You like to mention all of the stuff with HX and Window Media but yet Queerty decides that it doesn’t want to report that Joe Ross got the axe from HX for extreme laziness. Ms. Ross was spending way too much time on Manhunt trying to hook up than doing her job. When she decided that she actually had to do her job. Ms. Ross also has a big mouth since she’s been spreading her story around to anyone who will listen to her bitch.

  • perryoshow

    PS Just so there’s no confusion here and no one thinks I’m talking out of my ass, I’m a former HXer who is still friends with someone who still works there (at that time Joe sat in that odd middle room where all the archive magazines were). I got the other side of the story – the more believeable/realistic version than what Ms. Ross has been spewing. When I worked there, we all wondered one thing: What the hell does he do to keep his job when all he does is cruise Manhunt all day and seemingly does absolutely nothing else. So yeah, I guess I’m calling Queerty out because HX is good enough to bash on a regular basis for the people they let go (which Andrew, as a former employee, should know is a regular occurence as it happened to me and a lot of other people while he was working there) but when another person get let go for not doing shit at the office, they don’t say a word. Kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it? Kinda makes you wonder what the double standard is that keeps Joe’s name or dismissal from making the pages of Queerty. Why? Because Joe Ross was clearly Queerty’s insider at HX who was feeding them any and all information. Double fucking standard.

  • Reader

    Who hasn’t worked at HX. NY Press will survive, there are plenty of alternative types in NYC who will visit those nasty green boxes. Window company is tossing out dead wood – NY Press, the snotty editor of their gay rag – can only go up from here.

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