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Woman Under Arrest For Selling Three-Day-Old Baby To Gay Couple


Buying and/or selling babies is almost never okay; at least not in Spain. This immutable fact is best exemplified by the following true story of one woman, one infant, and two nefarious gay men who would stop at nothing to give the child a loving home.

The woman in question (her name has not been released) was arrested in Spain for selling her newborn to the couple for €10,000 (roughly 10,677 of your American dollars) after they paid the mom to be their surrogate, which OK, when you put it like that, actually sounds pretty above board.

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Despite the fact that one of the men was the baby’s natural father, this kind of arrangement is somehow still illegal in Spain, so police have taken it upon themselves to incarcerate all three citizens and take the bawling baby into “care,” which they evidently think is the best thing to do with the child.

The deal had been a simple one: She’d agreed to get pregnant through artificial insemination at a Malaga clinic. But she made a fatal mistake while being questioned about the baby, blithely claiming she’d been born stillborn and donated to science.

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Someone smelled a rat, did some freelance sleuthing, and came to the discovery that no record in the civil register could confirm any of this stillborn baby business.

In fact, records indicated she’d given birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, because she had.

Sadly, that baby girl had only been on the planet for three days before being taken into “the care of the authorities,” according to The Daily Mirror

Said a not-terrifying spokesman for the Spanish Civil Guard:

We proceeded to the arrest of the three involved in the sale of the girl, suspected of a crime against Family Relationships for Alteration of Paternity, State or Condition Minor.

The child has been placed under the protection of the Social Services of the Government of Andalusia.”

The three currently remain in custody, because that’s clearly what’s best for baby.