World Pride Draws Local Criticism In Jerusalem


We’re not sure what organizers were expecting when they decided to hold World Pride in the middle of the Holy Land, but there has been a rare moment of unity between the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths in Israel as they cry “foul” together over the event. Despite the fact that only one quarter of the city of Jerusalem wants World Pride held in their city and that all these conservative religious leaders are having aneurysms over it, plans are going forward for the celebration, which should draw hundreds of thousands of queers from all over the world to the embattled region for a few days of gay revelry.

In general we think that spreading gayness to the Middle East will have a positive effect on the general global understanding. For example, if 500,000 gays come and party in Jerusalem for a few days and the city doesn’t get swallowed into the sea or smote by the Hand of God, maybe the hysteria will lessen ever so slightly. Or are we being foolish optimists? Our main concern is that things don’t turn violent, and we hope the Jerusalem police are prepared for the possibility will protect the safety of their visitors.

Christian leaders slam gay parade [Jerusalem Post]

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  • Joe Buck

    Interesting how these religious groups can’t seemed to find a common demonitor to make peace after all this time, but can quickly come together to express hate.

  • RBZ

    I was at pride in Israel a couple years back…it was in Tel Aviv and not Jerusalem, but it was amazing nonetheless. Tons of people, gay, straight, what have you, all out to support the cause and party like mad (Israel has the best parties in the world!) It’s one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had, and despite these protests, I can’t imagine it’d be anything less than that crazy day out in the blazing streets of Tel Aviv. Everyone should GO!

  • Matt Blank

    It looks like the guy holding the signs has three arms… And not in ‘that’ way.

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